1 Week Anniversary

Well, we have been in Rochester Hills for one week now. We have had a ton of fun getting to know the team and exploring. I am still in love with it here, although I wish it was a little cooler…

Running on the Paint Creek Trail

Matt and I have been to two different beaches (an eye-opening experience for Matt),  we tried this beer bar for dinner (I am sure we will be doing plenty of Olympic viewing here!), made my Mom’s famous Latvian pickles, and  have been on some gorgeous trail runs. Yes, Matt is running again!

It looks like for the Fall I will be focusing on 10 mile-half marathon distances. I love these distances and am super excited. My next marathon will most likely be in Spring.  After taking 2 weeks off, I ran 50 miles my first week back, last week I ran 82, and this week will be about the same. We are doing some great base-building and I am enjoying just running! The stress of workouts will come soon enough.

And…..Matt just got my juicer out of storage for me, so I am SUPER excited to use it again! Yay juice! hahahaha!


  1. I’m glad you’re getting settled in Rochester Hills! The heat has been awful, and I hope we get a little break from it soon. Too bad we can’t bank a little bit of it for January and February, haha. It’s great that you tried BFD – they have a very nice selection. I hope your base building is going well and that you find even more great places to run nearby! It’s very cool that Matt has been running, too.

  2. Thanks Matt!! It is so awesome here, we love it! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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