15 miler, But Not Really

Saturday’s run called for 15 miles with 10x 1min @ 6:00/mi pace with 1 min recovery jogs in between.

I feel like today’s run was ummm…. stop and go. Literally. I hate when I stop so much, but it is oh, so appealing at the moment. Stop #1- dropped dog back at home after 3 miles, #2 stoplight, #3 restroom, #4 street crossing, #5 Street crossing, #6 Saw friend Dan, #7 saw friends Terri, Mark and Mark, #8 street crossing, #9 street crossing, #10 restroom (again! Geez!), #11 streetlight.
Really? Really? 11 times? Ughh. I know it is only for a few seconds each time, but I wonder what kind of affect it has on my running. What do you think? Do you stop or do you make yourself ‘hold-it’, run through lights, (Please say you don’t!!)etc? I would love to hear your input!
The 10×1:00 were difficult, but it felt good. I did them starting at mile 9.5 to practice running quickly on tired legs. Those recovery minutes sure go by fast though!
I did 3 recovery miles today- 56 miles for this week.
So I know blogs are boring without pictures! I am working on it! This week, I promise! 🙂 I am hoping to get some pics where I hill train- Mummy Mountain, and also of the greenbelt and canal where I do most of my general running. I also need to get my super-speedy running (and life) friends on here as well. *love*.
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  1. I've read (and subsequently convinced myself) that brief stops during long runs don't void the training effect of … long runs. Now intervals, repeats, progression runs, etc. … I think that's a different story.

    As for "holding it", I've tried it during two marathons. … didn't work out for me either time. You just reminded me that I intended to research the physiology of "holding it".

    Traffic lights – I try to be extremely careful. My assumption is that everyone on the road is texting while driving (aren't they?). However on my familiar routes where I have a good sense for the traffic patterns, I'll run through lights especially in the early morning hours. … always assuming all drivers are texting ….

    One early morning a "friendly" police officer "pulled me over" for not running on the shoulder (no sidewalk). It was quite the power trip for the young officer. Somewhat out of character, I played the contrite, admonished runner. It was just going to be easier to get on with my run this way. (I still believe he was 100% wrong!)

    I'm enjoying your blog and your training exploits.

  2. Wow, very interesting post and something I have always wondered, too. I try to minimize stopping, but I don't know if I ever have a longer run that I don't stop at least once or twice during (usually just water and one or two stoplights). I used to run straight out and back 10 miles for my 20 mile runs and bring my credit card to make a water stop, but found that I actually train much better if I just do 5.5 mile loops around our neighborhood. Apparently when I get far away, I am scared I won't make it home, so I slow down or give up. I started doing the loops about 8 weeks before the Charlotte Marathon and right before Charlotte I was getting really worried that the loop and stop and walk into my house for water didn't really count as running the full distance. I can't run with a water belt though, so there is no way around stops for me! Thanks for posting this–it makes me feel better to hear that you and other people make stops! What does your coach think about stops??
    Cory- I had no idea you could get pulled over for not running on the shoulder!! That police officer must have been a little bored.

  3. Cory- you got pulled over for running on the shoulder! That is crazy! I agree, drivers just don't even look anymore. I hate running after work because there are just too many people out!
    Cynthia- I do need to ask coach about this- I think I may be afraid of the answer! lol! I am like you, I follow the same route just because I know where the restrooms are! haha! I think that a few seconds here and there is fine unless doing speed work like Cory said. My 15 miler stops were a bit excessive though 🙂
    Thanks for commenting you two!! 🙂

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