Update and PF Changs Expo Pics

Hello friends!
Arghhh! This week has been nuts! (Rain and no recess is the perfect recipie to make Phoenician kiddos ‘fun’!) My upcoming week will be even crazier as I head into parent-teacher conference week, and try to run 80 miles as well. After Friday at 1:45pm I will finally be able to breathe. Until then, its go, go, go!

Tuesday’s track practice was insane! There were only 6 of us from my group there as it was POURING!!! I ran 9.8 miles with 12x400m in less than 88 sec. each with 1 min. recovery in between. I was soaking wet and freezing by the time I got home. It was so nuts!! The rain just got worse as the evening went on. Who runs 10 miles in the rain? I do. 🙂

Do you run in the rain? Here are some pics from our rainstorm, big deal as we hardly ever get rain! Second picture has a drenched coyote!! Poor little fella!

Wednesday I had 6.5 miles recovery, Thursday’s run was 10 miles with 10x100m strides. I actually had to go to the gym for this one. One workout of crazy-rain running is enough for the week! The treadmill wasn’t too bad. I don’t have an ipod that works, so I just zoned out for the 10 miles. I never did do the strides as they are pretty much impossible on the treadmills at my gym. I ended with a 7:30 pace. Not bad. Friday I had recovery 6 miles that I ran with Tank. It was just ‘misting’ outside, so we ran all around the park. Matt and I went to the gym after work to do some core exercises.

Saturday’s run was 10 miles with 2x2miles in 13:00 (6:30 pace) I felt really good and hammered those all out under 6:30. 7:03 average pace for the 10 mile run.

Here are my pics from last Sunday’s expo! Our camera is still not turning on, time for a new one.

Deena and I. She is amazing. *sigh*
Ryan Hall and I
My bib, I got it signed by Deena for good luck. I am SO DORKY.
Terri and I
Matt and I

Runningly Yours,


  1. Love the pics – They are awesome!!!

    I run in the rain, and I love it. Stepping outside into the storm is the hardest part, but once your soaking wet, the incentive is there to keep running. I post some of my better runs in the rain, because I think so much about how crazy I must look to everyone else, that I don't think about the running part at all!

    Keep up the great running!

  2. I didn't know she signed your bib! That is VERY cool! You totally need to frame it.

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