OC Half Marathon

I have been so far behind on this blog, I sometimes get in a rut where I don’t know if what I have to say would interest anyone besides my Mom, ha! I am really trying to get better at keeping up with FB, twitter, and this blog though. I started writing out this lengthy race report, but decided to delete it and add more pictures instead. 

On the way to San Diego at my favorite place- Hadley's!! Dried fruits galore! I am such a nerd, haha!


On May 6th, I ran the OC Half Marathon. It was awesome! The course suited me so well. All rolling hills with a net downhill which is always nice!

nearing the finish

My goal for the race was sub 1:15. I knew that unless I found some guys to run with, I would probably be running by myself. I practiced my marathon nutrition the day before the race and was on a mini taper of 86 miles for the week. I love racing in California and I was very excited to be there!  I won the women’s race in 1:15:51 and was super happy. I will try for that sub 1:15 again in June at San Diego Rock and Roll Half.

Wait, what does your watch say? hahaha!

Derek, Allison, and I

I know this pic is sideways, I have to fix it when I get home. re: Have Matt fix it when I get home.

Soaking the old legs in the ocean post-race

Post-race champagne brunch!

After the race we were able to have some fun with our cousins, and with Derek and Allison of AZparentsontherun.com. It was a great relaxing day!

Beer tasting at The Bruery

A rare vacation for these two without their cute-as-buttons kiddos!

Matt and I stayed in California the rest of the week as a little vacation/early 30th birthday trip for Matt. We had so much fun! We ate, drank, and were merry. 🙂 I still had 100 miles to run for the week, so I tried to not be too much of a party pooper on our vacation! 

Getting ready to brave Disney!

It's a small world after all....over, and over, and over....


Saki and sushi! Date night!

After eating out so much, I was missing my juicer, I had to go to Whole Foods to get my beet juice!!

Last week my mileage was back up to 115, and this week 120. I feel like I am in a running fog!  I am in the middle of my last big week before Grandma’s marathon! Also exciting, after 11 marathons, I finally have my marathon nutrition figured out!

Next week when we get out to San Diego for the half marathon, we will also be celebrating my brother Lukas who will be running his first full marathon at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon! So excited for him and proud of him!

I have more to share so I will get on another post now! Happy running!


  1. Not sure I’ve seen “86 miles” and “taper” in the same sentence before. Anyhow, great performance once again. Do keep us posted on your Hanson Brooks experiences, very eager to read about that.

  2. Nice post Ariana & loving the pictures as always!!! I can’t wait to see how you do at San Diego!!! Sub 1:15 half here she comes!! 🙂

  3. I always find your posts interesting, so don’t worry about not having anything to say! Congrats on your half marathon win and PR!

  4. I love reading this too … I just don’t leave many comments. I’m thinking you should feel my good vibes across the country … I am very proud of all you have done — often sharing this information with lots of people I work with who run too! Love you!

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