18 days…. and what I am training in!

“Good workouts give you confidence and a ‘feel good’ mood. This mood, in turn, gives added confidence. When it’s time to prove your ability in a race, belief in yourself can make the difference.” – Joan Samuelson

I love, love, love, my Brooks! I have never stayed in the same shoe for so long. I have had really great success with how the shoes fit and the way they perform on my feet.

Regular Ol’ Training Days: Brooks Ravenna2


To be quite honest, I didn’t think they could replace my old Ravennas after Brooks updated with the Ravenna 2’s. I was so attached to them since they had done away with my previous trainers, the Infinitis.  I even stock-piled a few pairs.  I have to admit that I am diggin’ the Ravenna 2’s even more so than the original. They are cushy without being clunky. They feel so good and have such a smooth ride.  I just wore a brand new pair on super tired legs last night and they made me so happy! I love that they have the above blue color for summer. I also have them in the peach color, and they have a new light green also. Perfect colors for the season!

Training runs w/ long speed work not on the track: Brooks Launch


I have been wearing these for quite some time now. They are so light and have a springy feel to them. I always wear them on long runs that I need to have some speed in. The Launch have yet to let me down. They can do no wrong. I have the above color but I really like the bright lime green much better!

Trackety-Track-Track: Brooks ST 4

These were my marathon shoes but have been replaced by the ST5. I have not yet tried the ST5 but I imagine they are just as fab as they ST4.



RACE DAY- Brooks T7

These Racer T7’s are the awesomest of the awesome. They are SO light (6.4 oz) and fit so perfectly.  I wore them a few times at track before I wore them for the 25k.  I wanted to test them at a longer distance as I was deciding on whether to wear them for a marathon or not. Brooks states on their site that you should wear them for a longer distance in practice to be sure that they will be enough shoe for you on race day. They are absolutely my new PR shoes and I don’t think I could race in anything else. These shoes feel like they have wings attached to them! I had no sore toes or soles of my feet after the 25k, so these babies are going to make their next appearance at Grandma’s Marathon in….18 days!