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Welcome to the new look of my blog, and thanks for reading! Now that this is up and running, I will update with more pics (I finally got instagram, although I am still trying to figure out how to use it. Can you email photos to yourself?) and goings-on of my life here in Michigan and with my team. I will also be adding some of my favorite products and frequent mantras. But I don’t want to do typical me and blog about a bunch of random stuff in one post and then not blog for 2 months so I am going to try to space it out a bit.

I have been spending the last 2 months training for Club Cross Country Championships in Lexington, Kentucky. I have never run a XC race before, so I am pretty excited. To be honest, I was a little nervous about this and didn’t really want to go. Fear always lies in the unknown. But, my XC workouts have gone AWESOME and now I am pretty excited. I was putting the spikies in my very first pair of XC spikes (Brooks Mach 14) last night and it reminded me of sewing ribbons onto my pointe shoes many years ago. Fun times.

Road Trip!

Oh man the last few races that I have really underperformed at. (2 10k’s 35:5x and 35:27)  I feel like I am in really great shape but I think I let nerves get the best of me. I have been getting short of breath at the start line lately and my breathing gets so heavy, but in my workouts, I have been running relaxed and able to push through.  I was talking to Coach and finally told him that I think my real underlying fear is getting kicked off of the team for running poorly at races. He assured me that will not happen and that I just need to go race for me and celebrate my hard work. The team is here for support, not added pressure. So that has been really helpful and has helped to put my nerves at ease. This weekend I am not even going to race with a watch. I am hoping it will be just the thing I need to get me out of my slump. I have *never* raced without a Garmin before. Time to let the OCD go and just have fun! I love running, and I really do love racing so developing a more relaxed but still focused mental state while racing is on my training list. Work in progress.

This will be me this weekend. Tough.


  1. Love the new website look Ariana!! Thanks for showing us a little bit of your Hansons training world. I know I love reading about your adventures. Good Luck in Kentucky!! You are going to do amazing!

  2. Thanks girly! I will try to be really good about posting about my adventures here! Merry Christmas!

  3. I LOVE the look of your new site! Nice job (Matt?!). I know the feeling of letting anxiety get the best of me in races too. It’s the WORST. You can’t exactly take a xanax before a race (LOL). Let us know your Instagram name. I would love to follow you 🙂 I’m “@balancingactclo”. Good luck this weekend!!! Have fun!

    • Thank you Alissa! There are more features to come, but I wanted to get the site up bare-bones first. I hope to add an instagram feed to the front page twitter feed as well as add a schedule of upcoming races. Stay tuned!

  4. Thanks Alissa! Yes, it was all Matt. And he wanted me to inform the masses…errr…my few readers, that he is not finished yet. 😉 I think I only have one photo on Instagram. I have this new tablet and I can’t figure out Instagram on it. I don’t know how some pics get uploaded to it and some don’t, haha! I will do some investigating. I am ahilborn1.

  5. Love the new blog. I have to tell you though my pr for my marathon came when I left my garmin in the hotel room;) . Good luck and can’t wait to hear how you did!

  6. Thanks April! Yes, I definitely need to learn to pace instead of relying on my watch. It is a great skill to have!

  7. I like the new look! Your comment “Fear always lies in the unknown” is a good one. Life’s an adventure, and if sometimes we don’t take risks, we might never discover great things. Good luck with your new adventure at the XC race (although I’m a running newb and don’t really know much about XC)….I’m sure you’ll do awesome!

    P.S. I am really enjoying the Hanson’s marathon book I got in Oct. I’m thinking about a big marathon PR in Jan .

    Oh yeah….go Lions this Sunday! I really feel they’re going to break their 21 year losing streak in Green Bay!!!

  8. Craig, Craig, Craig. Packers all the way. Sorry friend. 😉 Glad you like the book! What are you racing? Changs?

  9. Love the new look for your blog and best of luck at the upcoming race – I’m confident you will do fantastic!

  10. I love the new website Ari!!! And happy to hear you are on Instagram!!! I am too, @leeruns

  11. Good luck this weekend! Have a blast and be sure to let me know how it goes! Guess I’m coming out of hibernation to race the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend so we’ll see what happens.

    Talk soon,

    • You are racing the hot chocolate? Yay! I have seen very good post-race goodies from them you lucky dog you! I will text you Sat after the race. Is your race Sat or Sun?

  12. Great new look to the blog. Looking forward to reading about your first XC venture. I have to believe leaving the watch at home would help so many of us just run our race. Hope you’re enjoying the cold.

  13. Hi Ariana, the new site looks great, a huge step up from what it was. Looking forward to continuing to follow along. Between you and Caleb Masland upgrading your sites, I’m now itching to do the same…

  14. I just sent you a message on facebook before I saw this. The Hot Chocolate Race is on Sunday. Good luck tomorrow and let’s catch up next week.


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