8k… check!

So I completed the Arizona Road Racers’ Rio Vista Luck Of The Draw 8k on Saturday. It was Carol’s birthday and we all went out to run and have breakfast! Fun!

I ran a 29:49 which is a 6:00/mile pace. Happy with that! Results Page

Last year at this time, my 8k was a 34:xx!!!!

My friend Jenny from DailyMile was out from Ohio visiting family, so she came to the run to cheer us on and take pics! How awesome is that! She is just the cutest!

Birthday Girl Carol (who PR'd and won 2nd in her age group!) with DK

Me crossing the finish line.

With fellow Bandido Lisa- She is just adorable!!

Ter and I

Terri, Jenny, and I! Can't wait until she moves back to AZ!! ;)

OK, I know I am super cheesy, but I have to share. I was on the contents page of a local (free) magazine last month! Check out page 4! Sweat Magazine

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  1. Great picture in Sweat Ariana!! We usually get that at the store but I haven’t seen that issue yet.

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