A New Plan

So, over-zealous me was originally going to try to break 1:15 at the San Diego RNR Half Marathon this weekend not realizing it is only *13* days before Grandma’s Marathon where I hope to take care of some business! Because of this, Coach John decided that trying for that time would be too taxing on my body. So, for the half this weekend, I will be running a good progression workout and if it allows me to PR (under 1:15:51) that would be great, but if not, that’s ok too.  Got to look at the bigger goal. I am going to start out controlled, work to marathon pace, and finish off that last 5k as quick as possible. I am very excited as this will be a great reminder for me to start off calm at Grandma’s for a strong finish.  This will also help me to dial in my marathon pace and practice that race morning nutrition one more time.

I have been feeling the effects of the 100-120 mile weeks, so it was nice to have Coach John reassure me today that I am in the best shape I have been in. I was getting a little nervous and it is hard for me to distinguish not being in tip-top shape with just feeling not fresh because of the mileage and the heat! So my confidence is restored, I hit my 800’s on the track last night, they were so hard for me but I didn’t give up and I am ready to head in to the taper of my 12th marathon. I will still run 90 miles this week and cut down to 75 next week. I am excited to start to get that freshness back in these old legs!

Oh, might I add that my brother is running his very first full marathon on Sunday too!! He has been training so hard and has overcome a lot of little injuries to make it to the start line. I know he will finish and I can’t wait to see him cross that line!

Marisa, Matt, Me, Lukas after the Carlsbad 5000

Here are some random pics I haven’t posted yet.

Mom and I at Page Springs Winery earlier this month when she came out for a visit.


Mom, Me, Matt after a *fun* 20/10MP run last month. I love my support crew!

Ricardo and I, he came out to run the workout with me. Thanks Ricardo!


  1. Best of luck at both San Diego and Grandma’s – you are such an amazing runner!!

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