So I asked MWC about what he thinks I should run the 1/2 marathon in. (I am running PF Changs on Sunday) He asked me what I thought I could do it in. Well…. I ran the 10 miler without a taper at a 6:19 pace in November, but I have lost fitness due to recovering from my last marathon, so I suggested 6:30-6:40 pace and he suggested 6:30 pace, backing off if I feel it is too hard, pushing if I want to go faster, but STARTING CONSERVATIVELY! I consider myself new to this sport, and I always tend to leave the start line like a bat out of hell. Ahh.. inexperience. But I am really trying to work on it and my bff Terri helped me a lot with that this past summer. She taught me to go out slower than you think and pass competiors at the end when they are out of gas. I have employed this tactic a few times and it works like a charm!

Am I ready for this? I guess we will find out! I will head to the expo tomorrow to *hopefully* meet Deena Kastor, I know that will get me motivated!

Here is what I ran the rest of this week:
Tue – Track 10 miles with 8x800m at 6:00pace with 2min recovery in between. Felt tired and like I was getting sick.
Wed 7 miles recovery Went to the gym to do some runner’s strength exercises from “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald – See right!
Thur 10 miles with 2 miles at my 1/2 marathon race pace -6:30. Have to admit, kind of tough. Then again it was 5am, dark and I was running by myself, so all I could think about was how uncomfortable the pace felt. Still feeling a little sick today. Didn’t feel like eating much today. When that happens, I know I am really not well. I am always eating!
Fri – Off

It has also been a very draining week at school for some reason. I am exausted. I spend so much energy on the kids that I am beat when I get home. I don’t mind, of course, as we have tons of fun during the day, but it is hard to then come home and plan or grade papers. Always so much to do. There is a lot going on at school right now and although we have MLK Day off, I will be going in to get caught up! I love the kids, but I sure am ready for the weekend!

Runningly Yours,


  1. I like the plan you came up with! I was thinking about this last night when I was running.. "what would I do"? Then I thought.. I better not give any advice since you are much more advanced than myself haha! Good luck Sunday!!!

  2. Love the plan! I can't wait to hear about the race this weekend! Make sure you give Deena and Ryan a run for their money!!! =)

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