All around the people lookin’ half-dead walkin’ down the sidewalk hotter than a match head…

Ugh..It.Is.Here. Summer.

It is unreal how hot it can be even early in the morning. I usually take the dog with me for 2 miles every morning. We have had to leave at 4:30 am, which means about a 3:45 wake-up call for me. Yikes. Even then, when we get home the poor pup is so warm!

Summer running means slower miles which gives me more time to think. I have some goals that I want to work on both personally and in terms of running. I bet you want to know what they are, don’t you? 🙂

1. I need to relax about going to the gym. I have 1 big goal and that is to qualify for the Olympic trials. I need to stay focused and not wear myself out by spending 90 minutes every afternoon lifting weights. (Yes, I was.) I believe the excessive weight training was affecting the quality of my runs, which I really need to focus on. SO… I am trying a new program that is geared toward runners and does not take more than 30 minutes a day. *LOVE*

2. I need to rest more. My goal this summer was to take a short nap every day to assist in recovery. Getting up so early, coupled with the heat,  is pretty draining. I have been coming home from work, going to the gym, cleaning, worrying about stuff (???) for no reason. I need to relax and prioritize! Yes, it is nice to have a squeaky-clean home, but let’s get real. Sometimes the sweeping and window-washing will have to wait.

3. I need to worry about myself. I get so caught up in how others are training, what others are doing, and then I get down on myself if I cannot accomplish the same. Even if it is just due to an off day. So this girl is focusing on herself and her own training. No more comparing.

4. Last but not least, coach told me to let him do the worrying for me. Done and done. I need to not be such a worry-wort about my running. I need to just do the workouts and not over-think them.

So that is where my focus is going to try to lie this summer.   Basically, I just need to calm down! 🙂

Here are some little vids from our time at my inlaws’ cabin last weekend.  We love going up there and are so thankful that we are able to use the cabin!!!




  1. One of the reasons I love your blog. Great honesty and a post I can easily relate too. I’ve been comparing myself to a few of the athletes that I train with and I know I go into overkill mode trying to keep up with a few of them. Marathon training has been such a hard process for me because of the length of time involved. All the training is slow and steady…and I just want to hurry up and be awesome….NOW. ha ha 😉 Thanks for your blog Arianna! Wish I was as creative as you!

  2. Hey girl, I know, it’s hard right? You just want to be so good, especially when you have successes. We have to remember it takes patience. You are such an awesome runner already and I think that as we get faster, it is going to take even more patience to see our times drop. We will get there though! I SO cannot wait to get together in Chicago!!!!

  3. 90 minutes lifting weights?! Yes I bet that slowed you down! I love your honesty. I’m glad you have a good coach that is helping you work through theses things. Now you need a good therapist. I can give you a recommendation if you want one!!! 🙂

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