Arizona RoadRacers Summer Series #4

Last Saturday was the 4th out of 5 summer series races. It was SO hot and humid at this race. It was 95 degrees at 6:30am with the clouds keeping the humidity in. Oh well, at least the sun wasn’t out! My goal was a 17:45 which would be a 5:43 pace. I ran a 17:50, a 5:45 pace for the 3.1 miles.  A new PR and my first time breaking 18 minutes! I am super happy with that considering the crappy weather!  My splits were pretty even, with my last mile being faster than the middle mile. And each time I race these shorter distances, I am feeling better and better during the race. (i.e. not feeling like I have to stop!)

Race results

Sally Meyerhoff came in first female with a 17:11! She is an amazing runner and is going for the Olympic team in the marathon. Now, not just the trials, the TEAM. I really believe she is going to do it, she is SO fast!  Check out her blog here! She is also just the nicest, most inspiring gal!

Sally and I

In other news, I had the dreaded 3 x 2 mile track workout yesterday. This workout has been my enemy. I mentally, have such a hard time with this workout and have not had a lot of success with it. However, yesterday I NAILED IT!!! YAY!! I had 3 x 2miles at a 6:00 pace with 4 minutes rest in between. Each set was  under my goal time! YAY!!!  Confidence in this workout is restored!

**NEW DRINK ALERT** I was getting a tad sick of having chocolate protein shakes, So I came up with this gem- 12 oz skim milk,  4 oz black cherry juice ( the pure stuff is proven to decrease tissue and muscle inflammation), a banana, 3 ice cubes just to chill it, protein powder. So good!

Happy running!

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  1. Congrats, that’s an amazing 5k time! Mmm, that sounds like a yummy recovery drink, I think I”ll have to try that out one day!

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