ARR Summer Series #2- Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

Well, not exactly, but it was only about 85 degrees this morning instead of the usual 95! I am SO happy with this race! Yesterday I kept telling myself just to relax, just run against myself, and have fun with it rather than dread it. (after my debacle of a race 2 weeks ago) I told myself that I was only allowed to  turn on the nervous energy at 4:30am race morning, but other than that, there would be NO pre-race freaking. It helped me so much.

I woke up this morning, had my special breakfast (still need to share that!) and headed to the race. This is a trail race, so I wasn’t exactly sure how I would feel while running, but I was just going to do what I could and HOLD back the first mile.

Mile 1- 5:48

Mile 2- 5:51

Mile 3- 5:51

.1- 5:50

Official time= 18:06- 5:50avg. pace

I finally ran a consistent race! I felt so much better and didn’t feel like I was going to keel over and die during the race like I did at ARR #1. I didn’t break 18 minutes, which I really wanted to do. I thought 5:50’s would do it, but I guess I messed up on my math a little! (big surprise!) This race was a break-through for me more on the mental side of racing. I stayed strong, stayed relaxed, and didn’t panic when it got hard. Making progress!!! I also earned top female, so that is pretty cool as well. There were 360 women, 441 men. I was 28th overall.

Official ARR results

Next up, my VERY FIRST 10k in San Diego on the 4th of July. I have been told it is a fast, competitive course. I looked at the results from last year and there are some super fast women that run this. I am very excited to run with them and practice racing with some speedy chicas!