Baby its cold outside!

I can’t believe this is Arizona!! I am lovin’ it! Today’s high in Scottsdale was 48 degrees! I started my run at 9am this morning and the wind was blowing strong. I stayed nice and warm during my 15 miles in this bad baby:

It is the Brooks Utopia Jacket. I LOVE this jacket because it has thumbholes so that the sleeves fit over your hands to keep your skin toasty. There are 2 outer pockets and an inner pocket for your ipod if you choose to run with one. There is even a hole in the hood for your ponytail! I wore this for 15 miles at a 7:05 average pace in 48 degrees with some sun and never got uncomfortably warm. It was perfect. The fit is nice as it contours to your body. I have this jacket in the plum color shown above as it matches my Ravenna’s. 🙂 However, I am lovin’ the new glacier blue color to match the Launch! (I hearty, heart, heart, my Launch. Best trainers EVER)

Stay warm fellow Arizonan’s! Our thin blood is not used to this!


  1. oooh great to hear! I’ve been wanting that same jacket in the glacier since I tried it on a couple months ago…and have ALWAYS wanted to try the launches. Sounds like I should have put them on my christmas list!! Nice speedy 15 miler!

  2. actually it’s the TRANCE I’ve wanted to try – have you ever had those??

  3. Thanks Cynthia! I have not yet tried the trance, they look great though! When you get them, let me know what you think! Hope you are doing well girly!!! ((hugs))

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