Bandido 15k

On Saturday, I ran the Bandido 15k put on by my running club. Last year I ran just under 60 minutes and it was one of the worst races of my life. Emotions were high that day as the running community had just lost a shining star in Sally Meyerhoff. I know that my emotions played in to my state of mind and in my physical state that day. It was a rough day for many.

This year I had a goal of under 53:30 (5:44 pace) and I was confident that I could place high. Coach John had me back off my weekly mileage to 78 for the week after coming off of a few 100+ mile weeks. Race morning, I was feeling fresh and zippy!

I had also received a mental training CD from Dr. Asp. It came a few days before the race and I was able to listen to it 3 times before the race. It helped me to relax and Dr. Asp personalized it with key phrases and techniques to strengthen my weaknesses. This was quite possibly the best running purchase I have made in a long time. I highly recommend contacting Dr. Asp at if you would like help breaking through mental barriers as they relate to your racing.

My plan for the race was to run the first mile in 5:50, 5:35 through 5k (downhill) and then just stay around 5:40-5:45 pace. Well, again I went out a little too fast. Gah! I felt great going up the hills after the 10k but struggled with getting my turnover back at the end of the race. I finished with a time of 53:38 which is a 5:45 average pace. Splits below, as you can see, I forgot to turn my Garmin off at the finish line!

Untitled by runari12 at Garmin Connect – Details.


I am super  happy with my time, however I need to work on my later stage racing skills. I allowed myself to get passed 2x in the last mile. Again. It is something I know I need to work on, so that is what I am focusing on during training this month. I ended up finishing 6th female, so a little disappointed in my placing, that was my own fault. But again, I am really happy with my time. Check out race results here and my pics from brightroom here. (I am too cheap to buy them, haha!) It was an AWESOME race, with great competition!

I have been feeling great these last few weeks. I feel like I am heading into the best shape I have been in a long time. Interestingly enough, my weight  is also higher than it has been in a long time! I have been running really well, so I am not going to worry about it. I have been doing strength work in the gym and I feel like that is helping.

Lastly, Matt and I had a date day yesterday. We went to go see the Padre’s play the Diamondbacks at a Spring Training game. We may not be going to one for a long time, so we decided to take advantage of a beautiful Arizona spring day! We had so much fun!

Padre's won! Yay!

Next up….Carlsbad 5000 on 4/1!


  1. That is a great time! I saw the results when I checked on Allison and Derek’s time. You are amazing! (I am also too cheap to buy the race photos 😉

  2. Very cool that you got so close to your goal.. Your goals are always so ambitious and yet you still seem to reach them. Weight is so tricky..I’m struggling with that right now, getting it down. How are you dealing with your new State, new group, new home?

  3. Thanks so much girls!! Lonegazelle, I leave AZ in June, so I am still here for now. 🙂 Hope you all are doing well!

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