Boston Course Tour

About 12 hours after arriving home from Arizona, I was on a plane with Coach Kevin to Boston to do some running on the Boston Marathon Course. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this. My friend Kerry says “Fear lies in the unknown”, and going to see the course definitely gave me a boost in confidence for the marathon. I have run Boston twice before, but it helps seeing the course on foot while you are not concentrating on racing. You notice a lot more of the small technicalities of the course.


We arrived to Boston, picked up a rental car and drove out to the race start in Hopkinton. It was pretty windy out. I completed an 8 mile tempo from Mile 1 of the race course. We then drove more of the course, had lunch, and drove the rest of the marathon. You would be surprised at how long this actually takes with traffic! After a much needed nap in my hotel room, I ran my afternoon run on the last 4 miles of the course.

The next morning I woke up early to practice my marathon fueling. The weather was not looking good for my 20 miler that day. 30MPH headwinds, driving snow. Yuck. Prime lip-turning-blue weather! I also knew I was coming down with something. I didn’t feel my usual peppy self.


We drove out to the 10k and I started the long road to Boston. I have to admit, I felt pretty dang tough after the completion of that run in those conditions. (And SORE too!) I did it and was so happy I hung in there and ran strong. I now know I will be ready for anything on race day!

My Boston souvenirs.

My Boston souvenirs.

Thank you again to Hanson’s and Brooks. What an opportunity to fly out to run on the course. I love Boston and being in the city and on the course just got me even more pumped for race day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


This sweatshirt was waiting for me when I got home. Best sweatshirt ever. I have barely taken it off. Gross.

Oh yeah, we got our bib numbers!! I am F23. And….my simulator is tomorrow…wish me luck! I am so nervous!


I made this gluten free/dairy free coconut cake after my 20 miler last week. It rocked. Double layer. Bam.

Run Happy Friends!


  1. I love that course as well. I know that it has had it’s detractors over the years, but for me (this will be my 14th trip in the last 15 years) there is something magical about Boston. Maybe it’s the history…seeing Paul Revere’s and Sam Adam’s gravesites along the Freedom Trail, the Old York Church where our Founding Father’s attended, the Harbor where the Tea Party (original one) happened and yes, knowing that you are running in the same footsteps of all those champions. I love every inch of that course, from the pre-race gatherings in Hopkington in church basements and homes and the Village, to check up on ‘Boston Marathon’ friends, to the spectators, old and new, who take up the same spots, under the same trees, at the same turns, every year! You now have a wealth of knowledge from your coaches and your training to take you through race day. Can’t wait to see my Canadian girls at Wellesley and I can’t wait to see your number posted when I finish. Godspeed Ariana!

    • I can’t wait to see you finish Bruce!! Your comment just gave me the chills, I love Boston!

  2. For starters, that’s one awesome looking Brooks hoodie Ari!!! And secondly, youare such a beast!!! Those conditions for your 20 mile training run in Boston sounded somewhat similar to the conditions for my marathon 4 weeks ago. All I can say is that those types of conditions prove who the real runners are and you are definitely one of them. Keep up the good training!! 🙂

    • Thanks Lee! Yes, the conditions aren’t fun, but you are right, they only make you stronger!

  3. So exciting about your visit to Boston – what a confidence booster! Great things are in store for you this Patriot’s Day, I just know it. And, um, cake recipe…pretty please? (From one crazy cake craving runner to another 🙂

  4. Good luck at Boston! I’ll be watching on my computer and wshing you a great day with a little tailwind…you continue to be an inspiration!

    • Thanks Carrie! 🙂 I will also be hoping for a tailwind.

  5. You are a champ for doing a workout in that weather! You definitely deserved a piece (or 2) of that coconut cake! Looks delicious! I am running Boston for the first time this year and can’t wait for the awesome “Boston Experience” I keep hearing about! Good luck race day… not that you need it 🙂

    • Thanks Heather! Heading over to sign up for your blog now, hope your training is going fabulously for Boston! You will love the marathon. Truly and awesome experience!

  6. I was out there that day too! I live in the Boston area and can attest that even for a local that is used to plenty of runs in the snow and ice during the Boston training cycle, conditions were pretty epic that day. It was the only time I’ve ever worn clear cycling glasses during a run – had to in order to cope with the blowing snow. But it didn’t kill us 😉 Guess we’re stronger 🙂 Hope you rock Boston! @runrted

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