Club XC

I am seriously regretting never being involved in Cross Country before. I had so much fun this weekend. I also enjoyed all of my XC workouts leading up to this race. They were tough and I feel like I have gained a lot of strength from them.

Leading up to the race I was pretty nervous. It helped me a lot knowing that the goal for this race was to run hard and have fun! No pressure. But, I am pretty tightly wound so I was still nervous.  I knew from my workouts that I was in great shape so I tried to focus on that.

We arrived in Kentucky on Friday. It was raining! Rain in the forecast for the entire weekend. I love running in the rain.  We ran the course and found that it was quite muddy and there were some monster hills! Kevin reminded us that we are strength runners and that the course actually suits us  pretty well.

Start Line
Saturday morning I ate, went on a shake-out jog and did some foam rolling, light core work, and got ready for the race. At the park, I warmed up and found my box at the start line. I couldn’t believe how many girls were there!
This was the first race I have not worn any watch for, but they did have clocks on the course. The gun went off and I went through the first muddy mile in 5:15!! (Leading ladies went through @ 5:08)  Shoot. So much for starting easy at a 5:30ish pace! I paid the price for that one.

I really don’t remember that much of the race.I was working and my head was a little fuzzy. I remember just trying to pass girls and not get passed myself. That first mile made the last 2 miles a world of hurt. I felt like I was standing still, especially on the uphills. The last 1000 meters was pretty rough for me. On one of the corners after an uphill a girl fell right in front of myself and two other girls. We had to jump and literally stop for a second to not get taken down.

One positive thing I did was actually kick *HARD* as I neared the finish. Sadly to admit, I usually don’t finish as hard as I should and it’s something I am working on. I saw two girls out of the corner of my eye and outran them right at the line. As far as I can remember, ha! At the finish I nearly puked which is also new for me, so I feel like I raced hard. I finished 42nd in 21:35. Results here

Finish Line!

Although it hurt and I didn’t race very smart, I thought it was SO fun. Well, after I crossed the finish line. I really want to run Club XC next year and improve on my time and racing strategy. I went this year solo but hopefully next year we can have a Women’s Team!

Muddy Shoes!

Men’s Race

The men’s race was super exciting. Hanson’s team mate Jake Riley won and our men’s team won the team competition.

Me and Ruth!

I got to see my friend Ruth Perkins there! She is running great!

So proud of those Fellas!

It was a great weekend and I am SO happy that I put myself out there  New distance, new spikes, new terrain, and new competitors that I have never seen before in longer road races. All in all, I would say that my first cross country race was a success and I can’t wait for next year!

But for now, its time to hit the roads again.


    • Ummm… yeah. No mountain running for me. I am surprised I did not fall on the XC course, I would be a bloody mess at a mtn race! *clumsy*

  1. Glad to hear you had so much fun AND raced so hard! As much as you took a liking to XC, something tells me you’re also looking forward to getting back on the roads again 🙂


  2. Woohoo so glad you loved XC! Your photos make me jealous and wish I could have joined you, but hopefully next year! Got to love finishing a race covered in mud. (:

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