Coming Up….

I have been thinking about my blog and I feel that it needs a major refresher. Anything you all are curious about that you would like to see on the site? Matt is working on a complete over-haul so I will be back to blogging as soon as my snazzy new site is up. For now, find me on Facebook and Twitter!

Run Happy Friends!


  1. I briefly looked at this blog and your other blog. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but weren’t you just shooting to break 3 hours in the marathon a few years ago? And now you ran in the Olympic trials with the A standard?? That’s awesome! Either way you are incredibly fast! Hopefully I will cut my times down like you have in the next years…

  2. Okay… Your blog needs more color.. like your last blogger blog, where you had your pic with the hubs on the top. It was cool to see that bright, vibrant pic every time. Also the right side, where you can pick categories and read past stories needs to be chronologic.. so people can read through your progress.. because the magic of Ariana is about how well and quickly you learn from your mistakes and improve. Also it would be nice to have a list of your big races and race times starting from your very first race.. always amazing. Lastly… we all love your family = the dog and hubs, so non running events are fun to read about too… hope this helps..

    your biggest fan

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