Countdown to the 2016 Ottawa Marathon

After the World Half Marathon Championships in March, I took a few easy days and continued my marathon training segment for the Ottawa Marathon on May 29.  I have faith that the 3rd time’s a charm and come race day, I will step to the start line confident in my preparations, knowing that I have done everything possible to get the best out of myself for the upcoming 26.2 miles. Now just to stay germ free until then.

I am in the middle of my last triple digit mileage week and have been supplementing throughout this cycle with yoga, strength, pool running after my long runs,and core/Pilates. This training cycle has been going really well. I am completely healthy- no more plantar fasciitis or hamstring pain, yay! 



On May 1, I ran a half marathon in Newport, CA and ran 1:16:40. I was hoping to run a bit faster, but a win on marathon legs is always fun! My friend Brett came out and it was good to run with someone for most of the race. After the race we all went to rehydrate at Smog City Brewing. A great time was had by all!



I have decided to spend my last 3 weeks of marathon prep in Arizona to get in some heat training, soft canal and trail running, and to sharpen up and run good workouts with friends. I am so happy to be here running with training partners, they get me so pumped and motivated! 

In sponsor news, I have been using some new training tools. I will do separate posts on the E3 Grips and the Marc Pro in upcoming posts to give reviews and how I have been adding them to my training. In a nutshell, I have been using the E3 Grips to work on my arm swing and the Marc Pro has been an integral part of my recovery each night and during travel. If you would like any info or a discount code before I post, shoot me an email!



Besides having my favorite Generation UCAN chocolate with protein after workouts and for a snack,  I have been really loving having Organic Barnana during the day. All of the flavors are good, Matt and I love having the Apple Cinnamon flavor Barnanas with coffee in the morning. However, the Coffee flavor is superior in my opinion, especially before that afternoon workout! If you want to give them a try, use code TRAINBARNANA for 20% off of goodies on their site! Super yummy and have loads of Potassium! Check them out here!



In the next few weeks I will blog more about my build up to Ottawa, my goals, and about my training. Stay tuned and run happy!