Dog Days Are Over!

I am loving this song by Florence and the Machine right now! It is so fitting!


It feels so good to have everything go well in a race- including the time! Yesterday I won the Tucson half marathon in 1:17:59 (A 5:57 per mile average pace!!!) setting a new official PR and I qualified for the US half-marathon championships in Houston in January! So, I know this PR should have an * by it, as Tucson is a net elevation loss course. I would like to think I could run that fast on flat as there were some inclines and an uphill at mile 11, but I guess we will see how my next flat half fares.

Some good things:

1. I didn’t have any stomach problems. My plan of action- Saturday I had gluten-free pancakes for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for a snack, an early dinner of rice, chicken, and potatoes at about 4pm (wanted to make this a big lunch, but travel caused me to eat later), and 2 scoops of perpetuem at around 6:30pm. The morning of the race I had 2 scoops of cafe latte Perpetuem heated up. Yumm!!! ( I am not being sarcastic, it is a great gastro-happy substitute for coffee!) and some green tea.

2. I ran the entire race by myself. There was no one closer than 100 meters to me at all times. This is when it is easiest for me to give up, and I didn’t.

3. I stayed super focused and was just hitting splits. I got tired at mile 8 and just reminded myself what my books said to do: focus on what you can do to make yourself feel better. Loosen  your arms, lengthen your stride, stay focused etc. Do not try to disassociate or distract yourself from the run. It works!!

4. My splits were so even. I had one mile uphill at mile 12 that was 6:24, but otherwise they were all 5:50-5:58.

5. I knew that I was well-hydrated and fueled. I didn’t need any gels, and I took one teensy tiny sip of water the entire race. I felt great. In the past I would eat breakfast before a half marathon, have a gel at the start and another halfway through. WAY too much unnecessary fueling going on.

I just couldn’t believe I ran so well. After some not so great races, this race felt so good. Maybe the course was on my side, but it definitely delivered the confidence I needed! I had so many friends that also ran this and did SO AMAZING! It was a great day for everyone!

It was Terri’s birthday on race day, and although she wasn’t racing, her and Mark came down to cheer everyone on. Aren’t they amazing friends? Check out these cupcakes my friend Alyssa at Cuteology Cakes made her. If you are in Arizona and you need some awesome treats, call her up! She is so fabulous!

So…. If I ran under 1:18:30 at Tucson, MWC said that was a good sign I am ready for PF Changs and another attempt at qualifying for the Olympic Trials. If I didn’t hit that goal, I was going to choose a marathon a little later in the new year. Well, PF Changs Rock and Roll Arizona, here I come! (And I will be ready for you!)

Now time to go some overdue decorating. It is the 13th and we don’t have our tree yet…yikes!!


  1. congrats Ariana!!!! I’m so proud of you! I just bought the song on iTunes. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! Good luck at PF Changs!

  2. Congratulations Ariana, nice to see you get the race mojo back in such a big way, and best of luck in the final preparations for PF Changs. Very impressed with the qualification for the half-mary championships – are you running them?

  3. Great job, Ariana! PFC is January 16. US Half champs is January 29. Will you make it to Houston with that short of a turnaround?

  4. Thanks ALissa! How are you feeling?
    Thanks Greg! Hi Cory!! So good to hear from you guys! I am not running the half marathon championships. I was going to had I OTQ in Chicago. But, oh well, things happen for a reason! I just want to get this monkey off of my back. 🙂

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