Fall racing begins!


At Sole Sports with my new McDowell Mountain Man Tech T! Love it, thanks Jay! Check out his great blog in which I was a guest blogger a few weeks ago!


I am now in the midst of my third week in a row of 100 miles. Next week I will be ‘tapering’  to 90 for the Phoenix 10k where I hope to set a PR. I have been feeling SO wonderful. I am recovering really well and nailing all of my workouts. I feel so much more fluid and fit when running a lot of miles.

So..on to this 10k business. My short distance race results need to be better. I would like them to align a little more with my 2:37 marathon time. I have been doing some really hard workouts that have challenged me and have helped me to build up some good leg turnover. The short distances are always a challenge for me. I am a kind of an ‘ease into the race’ kind of gal. The *all out* right from the gun scares me and makes me very uncomfortable. The last few weeks I have been getting better at being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Needless to say, I have high expectations of myself at the 10k. I am excited to run a very fast race and I know I will succeed!

I will leave you with a few of my new favorite fall goodies in honor of fall racing:

Trader Joe’s Butters!!! YUM!! Perfect on toast, bagels, and we use the fig on crackers with cheese.

Chocolate from Paris! Yes,  my lovely friend and training partner Tere is trying to make me fat. You heard it here first folks!

We all know I love coffee and I love this Ultragen Cappuccino recovery drink.  Well, I just found a way to make this drink exponentially better than it already is….

Mix it with this little gem…  I know Soy is not the greatest for you- everything in moderation!, but it is SO GOOD!

I also picked this stuff up. Nutella in liquid form, but much less fat and calories. Perfect for dessert with a dallop of whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. (That is my new rapper name btw.)