First Consistent Week!

One of the great things about blogging is that it helps to hold you accountable. This is the most I have run since starting fertility treatments and each day felt a little bit better than the previous. My goal for this week was just to run! My goal for this upcoming week is to add in a strength session and to add a few more miles to my week.

Running alone before the sun is out makes me a bit nervous. A big Thank you to Susan Loken for suggesting the Run Angel! It definitely makes me feel safer running in the early mornings or out on the trails.


This was my week- straight from my training journal. So exciting to get to 30 miles, my how things have changed! Nothing hurt this week so I am excited to continue to build. I have lost 35 pounds since having Nils so running is starting to feel better in general.


In Mom news, we had a fabulous Halloween. Nils was a fluffy little bumblebee, Matt was a beekeeper, and I was a flower. Rockin’ those family costumes.


Nils is still waking up 2-3 times per night. We are following the Taking Cara Babies method for sleep but maybe ( well, definitely) not as strict as we should. Her five month class is next so if things don’t improve we will be diving in to that.  We are pretty much exclusively using cloth diapers now, so that has been a fun learning curve! Our favorites are from GroVia. His little behind in those fluffs is so cute!

Next week we will be busy with my brother’s wedding so look for my next post in 2 weeks!


Happy running!