Florida Training Segment

In early February, we were scheduled to head to Boston to do some workouts on the Boston Marathon course and basically get to know the course very well. That is, until Winter Storm Nemo came through cancelling our flights and making it pretty much impossible to run out there. So, instead of flying to Boston on that Saturday, I was able to fly directly down to Florida to run in some warm weather and get in some good workouts. Although I really wanted to be in Boston, I was not too disappointed with going to Florida…

Here are some pics of the team house we stayed in for this years’ Florida training.

Hanson's Florida House

Hanson’s Florida House


My Room

My Room

Our Patio

Our Patio

Belated Valentines from my Sweetie!

Belated Valentines from my Sweetie when I returned to Michigan!

It was so nice to get out of the cold and put on shorts again! Running in the snow and ice every day can be a little deceptive. My stabilizer muscles start to get sore, my legs feel stiff, and I don’t feel that great fitness-wise. However, being in Florida was good affirmation that I am fit and handling my training very well. I got down there and felt amazing! All of my easy runs felt effortless and it was so reassuring to know that the winter months aren’t causing a lag in fitness. In fact, I think the ‘elements’ here in Michigan are only making me tougher. We run outdoors in the kinds of weather that used to make me head to the treadmill. (and in AZ, we are talking only rain, not snow and ice! ha!)561911_10151113451672446_970674378_nHardcore.



Besides being a bit more sleepy, things are going very well this training cycle. I love running lots of miles and have been holding up well. I have a big week of 121 miles coming up and I am excited to share some of those miles with my former Bandido teammates out in Arizona. It should be a nice, relaxing week of training hard, visiting with my besties, soaking up some sunshine, and eating  Yogurtland and Jamba Juice, Yay!

Run Happy Friends!



  1. Awesome job, Ariana! It sounds like it was a great trip, and I’m glad the warm weather let you know that the Michigan winter isn’t messing up your fitness. Not a bad secondary plan when you couldn’t make it out to Boston. 🙂 Good luck with your upcoming 121-mile week, and enjoy the Arizona weather!

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