Fun at the Expo

*Update* About 30 minutes after I took my pic with Deena, Ryan, my bib, and with my BFF Terri, my camera stopped turning on, so as soon as we can figure out the problem, I will post the pics that go with this post!

Today Matt and I went to the expo for the PF Changs Rock and Roll AZ Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. We wanted to go today (rather than tomorrow) to see Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall speak. Deena and Ryan are our two favorite runners, so it was super exciting! Deena signed my bib for good luck and I got a picture with both (Thanks Rance!) Deena is so cute, just so tiny I could put her in my pocket! Granted I don’t know them personally, but they just seem like such nice, kind-hearted, and humble people. You can catch a lot of Deena in the movie Spirit Of The Marathon. I watch this movie before every marathon. I am super cheesy! (hint- It’s on Hulu..sshhhh..)

Ryan Hall also does a lot of charity work with World Vision and the Hall Steps Foundation. I also am a big fan because he has a very strong faith in God. It was so inspiring to hear them speak and I can’t wait to see how they do on Sunday!

My dear friend Terri was working at the expo for Runner’s Den, so we chatted with her for awhile as well.

I am still feeling a little beat, so I am going to get some good rest tonight and tomorrow. After watching Spirit of the Marathon and having lucky monkey cakes of course!

Runningly Yours,