Hamstring troubles

Woe is me.
My hamstring has been all out of sorts for about a month now. I decided to see the very famous Dr. Ball (seriously, everyone and their mother goes to him!) after about 2 weeks of pain that was not getting “run out”. The first question he asked me after I told him what was wrong was “Have you still been running on it?”  ummm.. of course! He just smiled and shook his head.
Dr. Ball specializes in athletes and runners. Being a runner himself, he knows that we, most likely, are not going to stop running on it unless it is extremely necessary for recovery.
I have seen him about 4 times now, and my hamstring has been feeling so much better.  I was starting to get so discouraged…not helping my post marathon funk. (see post below)
Dr. Ball uses Graston and Active Release Techniques. I am not going to lie, it is painful!! But, I had my first pain-free run last Saturday. The first one in a month!  It was awesome.
From my understanding, I have a bunch of scar tissue around my hip which is causing it to move all wonky-like and that, in-turn,  is causing my poor little hammie to over-work itself.  My hip was being over-trained and now that tissue needs to be broken apart and healed.
Ahhh.. I am very thankful to Dr. Ball for fixing me up and helping me to get back to my old self again! (old…I am going to be 31 next month!)

In other fun news, My dear friend Susan Loken saw this at a Farmer’s Market and picked it up for me.

I love this poster and it hangs next to our front door. It also reminds me of Angel Super Sally, so this gift really touched my heart. I am a lucky girl.


  1. Graston is painful! I had to have it for a couple of months of my achilles tendons and feet 🙁 OUCH! Glad you’re doing so much better!

  2. Hey Stranger! The kids and I went to school tonight and were so bummed when they couldn’t come and say “hi.” Wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and wishing you the best of luck with every single one of your goals. We know you are and will do awesome!

  3. @melissa- Isn’t it so painful!!!! I can’t imagine it on the sensitive tendons!!!!
    @Mandy-I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! When you get a chance, email me how the kids first day of school was! I hope there were no tears (on your part 😉 ) Give Jackson and Grace a HUGE hug for me!!!!!!!

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