Happy 30th birthday Matt!!


 Last Tuesday was Matt’s 30th birthday. So, I decided to put my big girl pants on and make all of his beer drinking dreams come true. I am no slacker, I still got in 96 miles for the week including 3 strength workouts (ugh, this  one kicked my bootie and I was sore for 3 days!!) However,  Tuesday and Wednesday were full of celebrating. On Tuesday I made Matt these for breakfast. I had to work the Hanson’s high school running camp until 1, so Matt was left to his own devices for the morning, which included a job interview!!

Matt found out later that afternoon that he had gotten the job!! What a fabulous birthday present. He even gets to work from home so he is super excited and we both feel like everything is coming together. God truly provides! Thanks to our brother-in-law Edsil who helped Matt with the process!

We went to happy hour at Clubhouse BFD to get some of Matt’s favorite beers. One of the food specials was a fried pb&j for $2. We had to try it! I know it sounds strange, but it was so good! I limited myself to one bite.  However, I could have easily snarfed the entire thing! It was battered with cinnamony corn-flakes. It tasted a lot like French Toast.

Three's Company! Mel, Me, Matt :)

The gift that keeps on giving...well until it's gone I guess.

Fried PB&J. I love the Midwest. *sigh*

After 3 pretty dark beers, I had a wee headache the next morning. I ran 12 and then Matt and I headed to Frankenmuth for a birthday day. After a breakfast of donuts and coffee from Knapp’s (we don’t usually eat like this, I swear!) We went to Bronner’s first and that instantly perked up my day. It is truly a site to behold. My inner elf came out, it was glorious.

Matt at Bronner’s, he loved the Christmas music in July! haha!


I love Christmas.

After indulging in everything Christmas, we went to Sullivan’s Black Forest for lunch. Continuing on our non-healthy food kick, we had french onion soup, I had a fish fry, and Matt had a brat. We did pass on the free rolls though. Moderation.

Onion soup, so tasty!

Bavarian Inn

Following lunch, we walked around downtown, purchased way too much fudge (now stacked in the freezer), and we also sampled way too much beer at Frankenmuth Brewery. Luckily 30 only comes around once! We had so much fun and it was a great end of summer celebration as a little birdie has told me our running schedules are coming…

Lochte's got nothin' on this grill.

We are now busy looking for rental homes. We really miss Tank. I can’t wait to see that little guy. And….I guess Mom and Dad too. 😉 I have a feeling Tank is going to be bummed to stay in MI with us as I am sure he is being spoiled rotten over there!


  1. So much fun! I love Joy the Baker. Love! You don’t have Tank yet? I didn’t know that….hurry home Tank!

  2. Great to see you two having fun, especially for Matt’s 30th! Congrats to Matt too on his new job!

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