Happy Happy New Shoes!! (And new shorts too!)

With both my beloved Brooks Infiniti 2’s and my Brooks Launch nearing 350 miles, it was time for some new shoes. However, my Infiniti’s are becoming extinct and there were none left in my size. ***GASP*** What is a runner to do?ย  Since I know at some point I will need to try something else, I decided to order the Brooks Ravenna’s.

I believe they are supposed to be the comparable shoe.ย  I received them in the mail today and it was love at first sight.

New shorts and shoes!! SO EXCITING!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

How cute are they for summer? They totally match my new shorts that I had to order so that I wouldn’t have to pay $8 for shipping. I know, makes total sense.

And they have other colors I can buy for winter. (Because THAT is what is most important, lol!)

Happy Running!

I also purchased a new pair ofย  Launch for my track and tempo workouts. They are so light and comfy. I just feel faster when I put them on. And who doesn’t love a lime green shoe?

For racing, I wear the ST4 which are AWESOME!!! My lucky shoes!

Seriously, if you are in any other shoe besides Brooks, you are doing yourself a dis-service. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I LOVE my Brooks shoes!! (Can you tell I am a Brooks-kinda gal?)

*Side-note- this is why I still wear ‘civilian’ clothes and shoes that are 10 years old. I spend all of my $ on running clothes and shoes. So much more fun!


  1. I’ve debated buying the Ravenna’s several times. I wear them almost every time I work at Sole Sports. They are so comfy! I don’t need a stability shoe but since its low stability not a big deal!!

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