“I don’t run because I love the feeling of running,

I run because it makes me love the feeling of living.”- Bonnie Pfiester

We have been residents of Heber, Arizona for a week now. It is so beautiful and peaceful up here. For reference we are about 2 hours SE of Flagstaff on the Mogollon Rim.

One of many forest roads. A few years ago this was all burned from forest fires. It looks so gorgeous now!

One of many forest roads to run on. A few years ago this was all burned from forest fires. It looks so gorgeous now!

Over the move, I had some really bad hip pain. I thought it was everything from Hip Pointer (bashed my hip with a SUP board in Hawaii) to a stress fracture to bursitis. After a few days off, it was back to normal.  Crisis averted. Phew.

I was finally starting to feel good (re:not sucking wind) breathing in this fine mountain air at the end of last week when I developed some foot pain. Long story short, today is my second day off of running and I am close to joining the dark side. So dramatic. ha!

blog pic

Did someone say free cookies??

I am getting it checked out on Wednesday when we head down the mountain, but from what it feels like, I am expecting the worst. What is the saying…under-promise, over-deliver? I am hoping that I will hear good news instead of hearing the dreaded ‘6 weeks off’.

But there is always a silver lining. The good thing about timing is that I am not training for anything major right now. I can relax and focus on doing everything I can to get healthy if need be. And…we are picking up this little lady in San Diego on Saturday:

Credit: Carey Raney at Raney Ranch Retrievers

Credit: Carey Raney at Raney Ranch Retrievers

Credit:Carrie Raney Raney Ranch Retrievers

Credit:Carrie Raney Raney Ranch Retrievers

Seriously, I cannot handle the cuteness. I have all of my training books, notes, and schedules ready to go. We also *may or may not have* already spent a small fortune spoiling the little Gussigator. (She already has a nickname) Since Tank passed, there has definitely been a void in our lives, and I became that crazy lady petting every dog I see out in public.


Oh, one more thing- check out this Core workout. We have been doing this one lately and the guy is pretty funny, but it’s a good workout. He totally cracks me up, super cheesy!


Run Happy Friends!



  1. Ariana,

    First of all…and most importantly – I love your new puppy. Many years of joyful companionship coming there.
    I am sorry to hear about the injury bug. You said the hip pain went away and then the foot. I hope you did get confirmation on the hips being realigned properly before attacking those miles again. Any time I have had foot issues, it has been because I have tried to play ‘catch up’ and come back too quickly. Hopefully, your foot thing is minor and just a warning. We will all miss you guys here, but, judging by the pics and my limited knowledge I have of that area (my uncle lives in Phoenix and has a home in Flagstaff), it looks like you have found your piece of heaven.

    Be well and God bless!

    • Thank you so much Bruce! You know what, the PT said it was because my hips were out of line. You are one step ahead of me! 😉 Hopefully it will go away soon. Thanks for your support, hope to see you out on the roads my friend!

  2. What a cutie! Very happy for your adoption of little Gussigator.

    Sounds like are settling into the new place nicely. The running there looks gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed the mystery foot issue disappears quickly for you!

    • Thanks Kris! Excited to hear about OBX! I am super pumped for you. You are so speedy!!!

  3. Gussigator is TOO CUTE! Gosh, I love puppies. I just did that core video and I think my favorite part is the dog Addie saying Bye at the end, haha. It was definitely tough, though. That forest trail is beautiful! It’s crazy how nature can bounce back from things like fires.
    I’ve been having glute issues the past couple weeks and it’s really been getting my down 🙁 Just when I thought my knee was better and I was ready to start training again, this little bugger had to show up. SO frustrating. I’ll send positive recovery thoughts your way!

    • Hey Heather! How’s is your glute doing? Better I hope!!

      • It’s a bit better but not healing as quickly as I’d like… when does it ever? haha. Thanks for asking. How is your hip and foot? I can’t wait to see more pictures of the Gussigator 🙂

  4. Hi there! I have been following your blog for awhile, and never comment, but just wanted to say I hope your foot issue turns out to be no big deal at all – that is no fun to deal with. I must have never read your “about” page, but seriously, what an inspiration you are to me! I didn’t start running until a couple years ago, after kids and I have big dreams to get faster – I enjoy reading and following your journey, you are a super talented runner, keep it up!

    • Thanks girly!! Keep getting after your dreams! They will come true! Any races coming up?

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