I’m passing sleeping cities

Fading by degrees
Not believing all I see to be so

I’m flyin’ over backyards
Country homes and ranches
Watching life between the branches below

And it’s hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway
Don’t you baby?

You keep running for another place
To find that saving grace…

After a fidgetly flight into Milwaukee, Matt and I arrived last night at midnight. I was so tired, I slept until 9am this morning! (!!)

I had a beautiful 8 mile run around my hometown, Greendale.


So… here is the weather for Chicago on Sunday: 78 degrees for a high!!! NOOOOO!!!! But… 64 degrees at 10am, 68 at 11. The race begins at 7:30, so hopefully with the wind, I will feel nice and cool. I think that with training over the summer in Arizona, the temperatures won’t affect me too much. *crossing fingers* This also means I will most likely wear my bunhuggers and sports bra like I wore for AFC.

Here are some more pics and video from Shannon’s wedding last weekend in Sedons. Oh yeah, and stay tuned for my obligatory sappy pre-marathon post on Saturday!

Pre-wedding mimosas!


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  1. Good luck this weekend!!!! I’m so jealous you are in Milwaukee right now 🙂 We are heading to Chicago tonight. I’m nervous for those temps I’m seeing for Sunday! You are going to do incredible…your training has been beyond strong. Run fast and “believe”!!!

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