IVF Roller Coaster Part 3

Written on November 16, 2017

Hematoma update 11/6– The hematoma looks to be healing and organizing. Baby was moving around like crazy and grabbing his leg and the chord. The plan is to continue bed rest until I see my high-risk OB, Dr. Francois at Scottsdale Perinatal, on Nov. 17. Everyone seemed so much more hopeful today that Baby H. is going to pull through and that the hematoma is on its way out. Starting to feel a bit of relief.

‘Graduation’ Appointment 11/14– Today was my last appointment at Bloom! I am happy that baby is doing so well and we are on to the next phase of seeing an OB, but so sad to have to leave Bloom and Dr. Behera! We also received really good news, THE ACITVE HEMATOMA IS GONE!!!!! It is really unbelievable. Just 4 weeks ago the chances of Baby H. making it due to this awful hematoma were pretty slim. Now he is ahead of growth with a really strong heartbeat. He is looking more and more like a little human at each ultrasound. It is truly amazing! I am still on restricted activity but am hoping that when I see my high-risk OB on Friday I will be able to be off of bed rest completely. I really miss my kindergarteners and hope that I can return soon. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and well wishes.

Here are a few pictures from my appointment today.

10 Weeks 4 Days

10 Weeks 4 Days, Look at those little feet!

IMG_20171114_144256 IMG_20171114_144434

Pictures above are with Dr. Behera  and Kayli, my IVF nurse. I cannot say enough good things about Bloom. Everyone is so compassionate and caring. Dr. Behera is amazing. She is up to date on current research and techniques, she looks at situations from all angles and we never felt pressured to do any kind of treatment. Everything that was made available to us, we took advantage of including: ICSI, Endometrial ‘scratching’ (Dr. B calls the procedure an endometrial ‘tickle’ :)), PGS testing of the embryos, and the hyaluronic embryo ‘glue’. I also did acupuncture at Ilumina Healing in Scottsdale with Charlene starting back in June before my egg retrieval and continuing once a week until I was put on bed rest at 5 weeks pregnant on October 9.

We had one shot this IVF cycle, and we had to do everything we could to give this embryo the best chance of implanting and surviving. I even gave up coffee back in June! We feel so fortunate and blessed to have had our first round of IVF be successful after so many failed IUI’s. We had only one embryo, Dr. Behera and Nurse Tamara assured us one golden egg is all it takes, and they were right. I share this for anyone else in my situation, one is all it takes! I even thought about doing another egg retrieval so that we could implant more than one embryo. After a lot of discussion and tears, Matt made the point that going through another egg retrieval process would seem like we were giving up on our little Frosty before he even had a chance. Here we are, 11 weeks pregnant. I just am so thankful, I never thought pregnancy would happen for me.

I really hope that my story helps others have faith while going through infertility. It is such a rough road. So many tears and disappointments along the way. Continue to have faith and stay the course. Lean on your friends. I found that sharing my ups and downs helped me so much. I was able to get encouragement and support from my friends and family and always had someone to drink wine with when a cycle failed. Although we have not been trying to avoid pregnancy for 8 years, I feel blessed to have had to only spend one year going through aggressive treatments. I know many women have had to endure so much more for their rainbow babies whether it be through IUI, IVF, surrogate, donor eggs, or adoption.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have or if you just want to talk. I am always willing to candidly share my experiences and offer support.

For now I will keep the blog updated, but in the future,  I am looking forward to sharing my comeback to running as I begin running again in July. At that time it will be near 2 years off of ‘training’ and about 1 year from running at all. Should be fun! 🙂