IVF Transfer Update

After the egg retrieval, all 3 of our eggs made it to the blastocyst stage, YAY! We sent biopsies of our 3 little blasts in for preimplantation genetic screening. This means that our embryos are tested for any chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities are a major cause of the failure of embryos to implant, and of miscarriages. It is not a complete guarantee of course, but we wanted to clear every hurdle possible. The cost of doing this is $1800 flat + $750 for the first embryo and $250 for each additional. There are packages you can do to test 8 over a year but as we only had 3, we paid individually. PGS testing is not included in the cost of IVF. About 30-40% of embryos make it through genetic testing.

We are extremely happy we did this. One day after we had them sent out, we received results. We have one little embaby with an ‘excellent’ rating. The other two had chromosomal abnormalities that would not have made it full term if they had even implanted at all. So we have one golden egg!

As we met with Dr. B yesterday, she was extremely happy for our little Frostie. (We just love her!) She also gave us the option of doing another retrieval cycle to bank some more eggs. We had a very long discussion about it and we were not in agreement at first. Ultimately, the idea of having some eggs on ice for reserve sounds great, however it would be another $15k including the medications for eggs that we may not ever need. And we didn’t want to feel like we were giving up on the Tiny Snowflake we have waiting for us by creating a ‘plan B’.

Our transfer date is scheduled for September 20th. The day after my birthday. We could have been ready to transfer early August, but with school starting August 9th I didn’t want to have to take any time away from my Kinders as they are adjusting to school.  We have a fall break beginning the 20th of September so hopefully it will be a stress-free relaxing time to transfer! We are extremely excited and I know that with school starting the time will fly by. In a few weeks I will start another round of medications to prepare my body for transfer and will be continuing my acupuncture with Charlene at Ilumina Healing.

In the meantime, if you are at all interested in the IVF Process this movie-Vegas Baby– gave me all the feels. So good. On Amazon, Netflix, itunes, and Google Play.


Thank you so much for your continued prayers and well wishes.  This process has been quite difficult for me as my body feels quite foreign. My running clothes no longer fit so it has been a struggle for me at times, not to mention how all of the medications make me feel so moody!  I know that this will be worth it though and I know that running will always be there when I am ready to come back. For now, my main focus is on getting and staying pregnant, whatever it takes. I have been swimming a bit and am trying to get into yoga to destress and am telling myself to just enjoy the time off of hard training and relax. 🙂