IVF Update



Thank you SO much to all of you that have reached out to me to show support and to those who shared their own experiences with infertility. The loneliness that I was feeling has dissipated and I feel reassured and hopeful. It has been wonderful to hear your stories and experiences.

I was on stimulation drugs for 12 days. My ending dosage was 375 Gonal-F per night, along with 150 Menopur and 1 Cetrotide pen. On Tuesday I had my final pre-retrieval acupuncture appointment and also my final evening of shots! All.the.needles.

Shots, shots, shots! Scratching the surface with these, I had already discarded the many others.

Shots, shots, shots! These just scratch the surface. Yikes.

It was a relief to be finished. The meds made me so tired, bloated, and thirsty! Tuesday evening was also the night of my ‘trigger’ shot to help my eggs finish developing in anticipation for retrieval.

Wednesday was a long day of waiting. This whole process requires so much patience!

My IVF Momentum Jewelry bracelet. Arrived just in time!

My Momentum Jewelry bracelet. Arrived just in time for retrieval!

Thursday morning, I went in for retrieval. I was under ‘twilight’ anesthesia. Dr. B was able to retrieve 3 eggs as expected.

Post retrieval- I was super chatty. Thanks anesthesia.

Post retrieval- I was super chatty. Thanks anesthesia.

Knowing that I only had 3 going in to retrieval, we had to make the tough decision to continue on with IVF in the hopes that our golden egg(s) were in there or to convert to IUI and try a different medication protocol next cycle if the IUI didn’t take.  We decided to trust the process and stick with our decision of IVF. Dr. Behera was very supportive and encouraging while still giving us the pros and cons of each choice.

I recovered quickly after the retrieval and did not need any pain meds, the benefit of having a minimal amount of eggs I guess!

The first call you receive is the next day (Day 1) to inform you of how many eggs fertilized. I could barely concentrate on doing anything productive on Day 1! We finally found out at around 11am. ALL 3 EGGS FERTILIZED!!! Hooray!!

Now more waiting. The next call we will get will be on Day 7 (Thursday June 22) to tell us how many have made it to blastocyst stage and will be frozen. Praying that we will have 3 little Frosties!

My genetic carrier screening came back as well. Apparently I have MTHFR. It is quite common. Read about it here.  I just need to change my prescription Folic Acid to prescription methylfolate. It does make me wonder if it is what has been causing infertility and the fatigue I have been having the last 2 years. Anyone as expert on it? I need to research it a bit more.

I also wanted to include 3 (My new favorite number!) book recommendations that have really helped me to better understand what I was going through.

It Starts With The Egg

Feed Your Fertility

Conquering Infertility- Thanks to a friend who recommended this to me. Lots of relaxation techniques!


Thanks for reading and sharing in my journey. Please continue to send your good thoughts and prayers! XO