Keep On Keepin’ On

So here is my week going into Carlsbad 5000


M- a.m. 8 miles Recovery  7:52 pace                     p.m.- Swim 30 minutes

T- a.m. Swim 30 minutes                                        p.m.- 8 miles Track- 5 x 1000 w/ 200m walk

3:30, 3:28, 3:28, 3:22, 3:21

W- 8 miles 7:22 pace      So this may have been a bit fast, but it was my first run on Coronado after 5+ hours in the car, it was AMAZING!

R- 10 miles w/ 10×1:00 @ 5:45 on/offs  7:05 avg

F- 8 miles recovery 7:53 average

S- 4 miles easy w/ strides 7:22 avg

S- 8 miles w/ 5k race

54 miles total, lunge matrix and cannonball cooldown every day.

Race Day:

5ks are hard.

I was up at 7am after getting about 9 hours of sleep. I felt relaxed and ready for a PR! I had some coffee, a banana and a Stinger Gel before we left the house. We arrived in Carlsbad at around 9am.  I started my 3 mile warm up, did some strides, and got behind the start line. My race started at 10:20am.

My goal was to not go out too fast. 5:30 or so would have been great for my first mile. Mile 1 came in at 5:33. I was happy with that because I didn’t go out too fast. I got to the mile 2 marker at 11:23. Uh oh. That was the same time I did my 2 mile time trial in. Ugh, I knew I was losing steam. I don’t know what happened to me! Girls were passing me left and right. I felt dumb because I am sure that everyone was thinking I went out too fast and was dying, but I went out according to plan!  I swear! 🙂 My finish time was 18:11, 40+ seconds over my goal. I was pretty disappointed with myself.


After thinking things through and talking with John, I know what I need to do and focus on. I am going to get some blood work done so that I know where my appropriate levels are and if I am lacking in any area. I honestly have been feeling great, but we’ll see. I also realized that I need to watch my diet a bit more.

But, I am excited to go to the BAA 5K and am ready for a breakthrough in this distance. I am confident that I am better than an 18:11, now I just have to go prove it. heehee! 🙂 Shorter distances are very hard for me and I know I need to work on them. I am really happy (no matter how hard it is) to be going through short distance training now. I know it will carry over to the marathon and help me reach my goals at Grandma’s in June.

Running is about peaks and valleys as my Ter-Bear told me. I am very accepting of my not-so-great races as well as my great ones! I am embracing them as learning experiences  and they will all help me to develop as a runner.


  1. The valleys just make the peaks that much more exciting and memorable! Maybe we need to start making our Sunday eve gathering at Nourish vs Postinos 🙂 heehee! Sure love you my friend!!!

  2. Yep! I am done with the wine until after Grandmas. I need to get back in focus. 🙂 It is all worth it to me! I sure love you my LBF!!!

  3. Hi Ariana! I believe in you….not saying 18:11 is not a good time, it is….but I KNOW you can and will do MUCH better than that. You are one fast talented runner 🙂


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