Keepin’ The Faith

What a great training month March has been. I have stayed healthy, motivated, and have had some great work-outs.  I have been running tons of miles, ended with 90 last week. My Saturday workout consisted of 22 miles with miles 15-20 at 6:30pace and mile 20-22 as fast as I could! I nailed the 5 miles @ 6:28 pace and finished with my last 2 miles at 6:07 and 5:53. This was a big confidence booster for me as I look ahead to my goal pace at Boston.

I was ready to put in 80 miles this week with 2 weight-lifting/core sessions at the gym. I ran 13 miles yesterday (Monday), got my gym on, and came home to find an email from MWC.  Coach John changed my schedule from 80 miles this week to 65 so that I could run an aggressive half marathon (The Arizona Distance Classic in Tucson) on Sunday and shoot for a BIG PR.  eeeek! This PR should be a 1:19 (!!!!) on a good day to a 1:20-1:22:00 on a mediocre day. Holy smoke, can I run a 6:15 pace for 13.1 miles? I will tell you what, it seems a little (ok a lot) daunting to me! It is a course with rolling hills (my fave) so I should be able to run strong. *crossing fingers* I know it will probably hurt, but I need to remember to ‘welcome the pain’ during a race. yeah…easier said than done.

So my plans this week have changed, I *only* have 65 miles and I am going to try to get some extra rest by running after school instead of in the mornings as I do not have any more doubles this week. I am also just going to get some light core work in on Wednesday rather than do an entire lifting session.  On Friday I DON’T HAVE A RUN!!! *gasp* I cannot remember a day that I have had off of running. I know it will feel totally weird.  🙂

So yikes, I am pretty nervous about the half marathon on Sunday. I need some mantras for when it gets tough out there. Got any?

Off to the track!


  1. Good luck this weekend Ariana! Your best mantra is to focus on your goals. Just keep reminding yourself why you are doing it and what you are aiming for. If the race gets tough, start repeating 2012 over and over in your head. You’re gonna do awesome!

  2. Ariana – You will do awesome!!! Have a great race and smash your previous PR. Can’t wait to hear how you do. And of course – Have Fun!!

  3. Am I remembering correctly that you recently set a PR which is now a “mediocre day”? You are so amazing and dedicated; I know you will have a great day and set yet another PR this Sunday. Enjoy the rest on Friday and be a speed demon on Sunday!

  4. All the best this weekend, Ariana. You’re ready to rock this thing so push through the pain threshold and see what you’re capable of after all of your fantastic training! Good luck!

  5. I love your blog! I am a bit of a newbie runner, having just finished my second marathon in December, so it is great to be able to read about your running and keep me motivated and inspired! Thank you so much for sharing!

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