Keeping Calm and Carrying On

This was a favorite quote of Sally’s and I love it as well. I tend to get a little panicky before/during races and track practice, so I am using this as my new speed mantra. I had a two-mile time trial this morning and repeating this in my head helped me to relax my breathing. I even ordered the poster! Check out the other cute posters here! I love the style of these. The “Ditch your TV” one is great too!

I decided to start posting my workouts for the week every Sunday, so I will start that tomorrow.

I also have joined the HIVE!

I have always found the Honey Stinger products to be very easy on my sensitive stomach. You all know how much I LOVE maple syrup, and honey is my second favorite so it works out perfectly!  I just received $150 worth of product in the mail. I am LOVING the organic orange blossom chews and of course the gold/ginsting gel packets. I also ordered the chocolate and strawberry flavors but have not tried them yet.

If you have not yet tried an Organic  Honey Stinger Waffle yet, your life is not complete. 🙂 They are SO good!

They are not Gluten Free.  Although I avoid gluten, I don’t have Celiac’s disease, so I do indulge in these every so often! Perfect with a morning coffee!

I am so thankful that Honey Stinger is helping me to achieve my goals by taking care of my nutritional needs. If you are interested in joining the HIVE, check out the Honey Stinger Website!

I also began using this Cannonball Cooldown after every single run. It is by Coach Jay Johnson in Boulder Colorado. I have been using a few of his other routines and have really liked them!



  1. I love reading everything you post! You are such an inspiration.

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