Keeping The Faith

2016  has not gone quite as I had planned, and that is ok! Perseverance. A great life lesson. quote1

Here is the lowdown and an update on my plans going forward.

I went to the Houston Marathon in January hoping to run a fast race, just maybe set a new PR, (2:35:20) and have my qualifier to make the Olympic Marathon team for Latvia.  I felt healthy and fit, refreshed, and was motivated for the race.  Long, ugly, story short- I came down with the stomach flu the night before the race. I couldn’t keep in any calories, it was really, really, bad. I tried to run anyways and was just too weak to even run the 2:45 standard. Two restroom stops getting sick and one fall later, I called it a day at 25k. I haven’t had the stomach flu since I started teaching 10 years ago! I can’t believe that timing. I do believe, however, that for some reason it wasn’t meant to be that day. It is a bummer, but things happen. I am just going to roll with it and keep going after my goals.

New Brooks uniform for 2016!

New Brooks uniform for 2016!



Dot and I in Houston. She ran the half, I was running the marathon, we had the same numbers. So weird!

I took almost a week to recover from the flu and then got right back on that horse! Besides getting a cold last week, (holy moly, seriously?)  I went for it hard at the Cardiff Kook 10k along the coast here in San Diego on Sunday. I ended up in third place in 35:50.  I would have like to have run about 90 seconds faster, but after marathon training since last June, my legs are trying to remember what turnover is.

My spring goals include running a fast 10k and a PR in the half marathon (1:14) before training ramps up for the Ottawa Marathon on May 29th.  I have also been named to the Latvian team for the World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff, Wales on March 26. I am hoping that with the fast competition, I will be pulled right along for a fast half and to make Latvia proud!

This weekend is the USA Olympic Trials. I can’t wait to head up to LA to watch and cheer on many of my friends and my Sonoran Distance Project teammate Autumn! It will be broadcast live on NBC, so be sure to tune in to see who will finish top 3 and will be representing the USA at the 2016 Olympic Summer Games Marathon!

Our team in Flagstaff. Autumn is second from left.

Our team in Flagstaff. Autumn is second from left.

Run happy and keep after it!



  1. Ariana – I’m so sorry the day didn’t go as you wanted. Your attitude and ability to shake it off, move forward and reach for new goals is impressive and an example to me. I hope you have a fantastic race at Cardiff! (I wonder if it’ll be on a web stream)

  2. Thanks M! I truly appreciate all of your kind words and support throughout the years. 🙂 It should be on web stream! I will post when I know!

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