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Two very happy ladies after the 2011 PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon

I hate that I am writing this post. My heart is so heavy for the family and friends of Sally Meyerhoff, an amazing athlete, friend, and all-around wonderful gal, who passed away yesterday in a tragic accident.

Sally embodied everything good about living. She had the biggest heart and was so open with it. She lived her life to the fullest, never compromising. She trained hard and was a true SuperWoman.  She never gave up. Her spirit will live on and continue to inspire.

When I began running, Sally was my hero. She was just so dang fast!  I was in awe of her. Come to meet her 2 years into my running career and realized that she was the sweetest, friendliest, most helpful friend a girl could want. She encouraged me when I began to train for Chicago, she comforted me when things did not go my way. She helped me to find the courage in myself to realize that I can make my dreams come true. She even offered to run a ‘practice’ run in bunhuggers with me when I was nervous about wearing them for the first time in a race. Running around town in your ‘underwear’? Now that takes a true friend.

Sally and I at breakfast after running a 5k in the AZ July heat 2010

I pray that her family and friends find the peace and comfort they need during this terrible time. Sally is up in heaven with her angel wings running as fast as ever. I will miss you Sally. Run strong up there.

PF Changs Rock And Roll Marathon 2011 Champ


  1. I agree I don’t like that you had to write this post but at the same time it’s an important read for the entire AZ running community and more.

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