Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon

A race on Valentine’s Day…aw… so romantic! 😀 I had a great race yesterday. Last year I ran the race in 1:34:xx and the top female time last year was 1:30:xx. This year was much more competitive and I loved it! Saturday night there was a Valentine’s party at MWC’s house. Usually before a race I feel the need to do 2 things- go to Runner’s Den as I posted below, and then “rest my legs” all day long by pretty much being a slug. This race I felt more relaxed about. I actually got stuff done on Saturday, had peach french toast at Orange Table instead of my lucky monkey cakes (!!) and enjoyed the party until 8:30 pm! *gasp* Way past my bedtime! It was really fun talking to a great bunch of people all night and 8:30 came around so fast! Of course, when we got home, I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 4:30am, ate my rice with honey and had my coffee and gatorade. In separate glasses of course. I chose an appropriate race outfit for Valentine’s day and as we left, I saw that Matt had made a sign on our door that said “You are a champion!” Awww… He is the most supportive, wonderful, husband in the world! We were on the road by 5:45. We parked and started walking to the start area which was about 1.5 miles away. Little did we know that we could have taken a shuttle. Oh well! I used the restroom about 101 times and did my 2 mile warm-up. Start line:

My great friend Rick was announcing this race, so he was talking me up over the microphone, which was nice! We were off at 7:30am. I started with a pack of about 6 or so gals, but they dwindled off as Super Speedy (As I renamed the first place woman) and I were pulling ahead. Splits: (My goal was a 6:20-6:30 pace)

Mile 1- 6:12- Way too fast but that’s how that first mile always is. Mile 2-6:32- Trying to reign it in a bit. Mile 3-6:12 Mile 4- 6:04 Mile 5- 6:11- This is where I let Super Speedy go. I knew I could not hold on to this pace for the entire race without blowing up. This part had some good uphills, so I am pleasently surprised at my pace. Took my first and only Gel- Gingerbread Gu Mile 6- 6:22- Started running my own race. Incline up to the turn-around. Super Speedy is about 100 yards in front of me at this point. Mile 7-6:26- I am getting a lot of cheers at the turn around to go and chase down S.S. Mile 8- 6:13- Finally some nice downhill Mile 9-6:31- Uphill Mile 10- 6:43 (!!) Uphill. Not a good split. Mile 11-6:31 Super Speedy is now out of my line of vision, but that’s ok with me. She ran an awesome race! Mile 12-6:09!! Almost there! Mile 13-6:15 .1- at a 5:30 pace- nice finishing kick

Rick is announcing me across the finish line!

A 1:22:45 Finish time!

Finish time 1:22:45!!! My goal was 1:23, so I was super happy! That is a 6:19 average mile.I am proud of myself for accomplishing my goal coming off of mega-mileage weeks with no taper. Now I just need to hold that pace for 13.1 more miles! Results page The course was very beautiful and the volunteers were really great!

Striking a pose post-race

I have to say that one of the only reasons I finished so strongly was due to my best friends and training partners Terri and Mark. They woke up early on their rest day and on Valentine’s Day to come out to the race and cheer me on. ( A LONNGGGG drive for them) But, they didn’t just cheer me on, they actually brought along their mountain bikes and met me at mile 8 to ride with me to the finish. I cannot tell you how much that helped me mentally. Just having them there for encouragement was amazing. I feel so blessed to have them as friends. They even brought me a Valentine cookie (Terri and I were eyeing them up on Saturday) from Olive and Ivy. Thanks you guys! Love you!

Terri, me, Mark, and Rance.

Rance runs a marathon every weekend and PR’d this week! I think it is 4 weeks in a row now of Sub-3 marathons! Holy smoke! After the race we waited around for the awards ceremony for 2.5 hours. It ended up getting all messed up and we pretty much just wasted our time. Oh well. At least it was nice out!

1st Place Age Group Award

Then Matt and I had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day. We got home (both of us starving so there was not a lot of talking going on!) at 12:30, then rode our bikes to the Orange Table. After lunch (and a mimosa!) we sat at the Civic Center park and listened to a live Big Band. Then we rode home and drove to Trader Joe’s to pick up dinner. We decided on grabbing a bottle of red wine, cheese, apples, olives, and bread. A perfect dinner after a perfect day! Oh! I almost forgot. We were going to go see a movie, but we decided against it because after 2 glasses of wine, I would probably fall asleep in the theater, so we had ice cream instead! What a treat!! Back to the grind of training today! Next up -Ragnar Relay! A 202 mile relay run on Feb 26 and 27th. We have a 12 person team in 2 vans. Should be a blast! We are running from Prescott, AZ down to Tempe! Runningly Yours,


  1. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Very nice race and another PR for you. Have a great time at the upcoming Ragnar Relay. Also, I think the "speedy" nickname fits well for you also, as you keep getting faster and faster … eye on the prize 2012!!!!

  2. You are amazing! (And seriously, I'm TOTALLY checking out your legs in those pics… Dude. I want to look like you!).

    Even though my 1/2 marathon will be like DOUBLE your finishing time, you get me so excited for race day! What an amazing feeling it must be every time you finish a race! 🙂

  3. Thanks Rance! You inspire me in so many ways, I am in AWE of your running!
    Olive- don't my legs look kind of freaky in those pics?!! So funny!
    Finishing a race is an amazing feeling, I guarantee you will be hooked! And you know, your first race shouldn't be about time anyways, go out and have fun!!

  4. wow girl! I love your blog. you are an inspiration to me and your times are great!!! Teh Ragnar Relay sounds like so much fun 🙂 oh and i'm totally looking into those books you have on you page. I am having a hard time figuring out nurition for all the running and those look very informative. Great job again and i can't wait to read more 🙂

  5. So amazing!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! I just saw your post. I need to figure out how to enable emails so I receive new posts. I'm so happy you had such an incredible race. Your legs are unreal!

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