Mama Mia….

The Good:

The Bandidos 15k turned out so wonderfully. The course was beautiful and everything went so smoothly. It was AMAZING to see so many guys and gals in pink compression socks. I know Sally was up there smirking at those fellas in pink!

I woke up Saturday morning ready to rock. I had on my pink compression socks and huggers to honor Sally.  I knew I had to run for her. I was feeling awesome!

The Bad:

This race was the first time EVER I was to race without a watch. I was just supposed to compete. Apparently I am not very competitive because I totally biffed on this race. It sounds silly, but I have not even looked at the results yet because I am super embarrassed about my time. I was supposed to reach the 5k @ 17:50. Ummm…yeah, I reached it at 18:20 and it was the stinkin’ downhill part!!! Ugh. I was feeling like total s&*! and was going to just call it a day at the 5k, but my friend Don was there and I knew he would have totally given it to me, so I soldiered on.

I was looking for any opportunity to stop. I seriously have no idea what my problem was. I was a mental freakshow. I could feel myself slowing, but had no clue what my pace was. I reached the 10k and then just decided to buck up and finish no matter how slow my time was. I couldn’t quit the race, there was nothing physically wrong with me. I had to finish. So I ended up finishing in 59:47(!!!!!!) 5 whole minutes off of my goal time. Mama Mia.

But you learn something from every race. This is what I have learned:

1. I need to grow more of a competitive spine. Donovan says I am competitive in workouts, but I need to carry that over to competition. I need to start going for it more.

2. I need to either wear a watch (I super love you Garmin) or practice more without a watch. I am clueless on pacing. (insert Charlie Sheen “duh”)

3. Must get back to rolling, visualization every evening. No excuses.

The Ugly: (well, at least the truth 🙂 )

My goal is readjusted for Carlsbad. Sub 17 :00 isn’t quite yet in the cards for me. I just want to run a fast race. I feel like I am starting to get into a cycle of wanting to race right away again after a bad race to ‘prove’ myself. I need to start giving it my all the first time around.

I am feeling a little better about it. I know we all have our dog days, but 5 minutes….really?  Started to swim a little bit to work on my breathing and I have to take off a few of the red wine pounds. 🙂 I will bounce back, and I know I have it in me. My best races are not over.

I got a nice little pick-me-up on my doorstep today, 2 awards from PF Changs RNR Arizona. One for being the 2nd Maricopa County Female and one for coming in 5th place female overall. Pretty cool. I needed that today.


  1. sounds like you’re learning from the experience and that’s what counts, right? ps, love the new hair : )

  2. I’ve felt like that in races myself.
    Either you are overtrained, or you are very stressed out about something that happened in your life!
    Don’t be too hard on yourself!
    Chill for a bit and the good times will come!

  3. It is very hard to run with a heavy heart. 🙁 It was an emotional week.

    You are an AMAZING and VERY TALENTED runner !! You have only touched the surface of what you are capable of doing and I can’t wait to watch you succeed!!!!! Love you!!!! Susan

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