Marathon Pace Run 12/24/11

Merry Christmas to me as on Christmas Eve I got to run my most favorite workout of the training cycle!  I feel that besides racing, this workout gives me a clear picture of where my fitness is as I head  into my goal race. The course is net downhill the first half and then flattens out the second half. Yes, its aided but I feel having no taper negates that, making it a great fitness indicator. I have done this run my last three training cycles for the marathon and all three times it has been awesome! The scenery is beautiful and we don’t have to stop for any traffic lights. Perfect. Matt also comes out to leapfrog us in the car and hand us water bottles so we can practice taking fluids. This year, my brother and sister woke up early to come and cheer! It was so great having them there!

Me with Matt, Marisa, and Lukas! Finished!

My friend Jeremy Zarins agreed to pace me for the 20 miles with 16 miles at goal marathon pace. He suggested that I not wear my garmin so that I wouldn’t be concerned with my pace and I could just run. Coach John thought this was an excellent idea, so watch-less I went. Jeremy and I ran side by side and I felt great! He called out splits each mile. I finished strong my last mile and was SO HAPPY with how it went! I am SO lucky to have had such a great pacer, we were right on the entire way!

With Jeremy aka Rambo

So thank you Matt, Jeremy, Marisa, and Lukas! You were an integral part of my success today! Onward to Houston!!


Can't wait to bring my new Vera Bradley bag to Houston! My Christmas gift from Christina, I love it so much and had to find some excuse to use it for this run! haha! I think it had one towel in it. :)

Oh yeah, While we were gone, my dad ran 20 MILES!!!! He is running the Houston marathon the day after the trials and it was his first 20 miler ever. I am so proud of him. What an amazing day!


  1. I’ll be intently hitting refresh on my computer from across the world on trials day! So excited for you!

  2. Good luck, Ariana! I found your blog through Predawn Runner. I am so excited for you running the Olympic marathon trials. You are such an inspiration!

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