Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5k

Christina and I pre-race

On a quest to better my short distance times, I decided to hop into this local 5k to benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I had been running doubles all week and ended the week running 95 miles. I was feeling GREAT!!! My legs did not feel tired during the race, so I was happy to run well with high mileage.

The beginning of the race was pretty emotional as we did a tribute to Sally Meyerhoff and also to Jaydie Lynn King.  I don’t think there was a dry eye around.

Start line

We're off!


Approaching Mile 2

I won the woman’s race with a new PR of 17:19. Results here.

Close to the finish!

Breaking a tape! Yay!

Jad, Christina, and I after the race

I was really hoping to break 17 minutes and was on pace through mile 2. Mile 3 just really slowed me down. Running on the grass was fun but not something I am used to, so that was interesting in the 3rd mile! My plan was to stick by my teammate Derek as long as I could. I held on until about mile 1.5 and backed off a bit. One thing I am always working on is taking risks and just going for it! I feel like I am improving on that with each race I do lately. I am not there yet as the fear of having to stop still grips me sometimes, but I am starting to shake that fear. I also feel like I did really well in holding my form and staying relaxed. In hindsight, I wish I would have pushed that 3rd mile harder, but that’s life as a runner I guess, always striving to do better and to push further!

With RD Paul Ruckel and the Sally Meyerhoff Memorial Award. Super special. *love*

The course was great! There were lots of turns which kept it interesting! I really feel like I could run even faster on a flatter course, but we’ll see! 😉 The shorter distances are my weakness, so I am working on getting comfortable with the pain those bring!

This Friday, I leave for Minneapolis to run in the USA 10 mile Championships. I am SUPER excited!!!! The race was blazing fast last year, which honestly can be a little intimidating, but I am ready to run a fast race and crush it! It will be great to race on the same day that many of my Bandido teammates will be running the Twin Cities Marathon. I can’t wait to cheer them on at the finish line!


  1. Congratulations, Ariana, on a great performance! Wish you all the best in the USA 10 Mile Championships coming up. -Paul Ruckel, Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K Race Director

  2. Beauty Ariana! Good Luck in Minneapolis…you always run fast there! 🙂

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