MOOve that bootie!!

This weekend I am traveling to Long Island to run my 2nd 10k ever! I will be competing in the Great Cow Harbor 10k and am super excited! I have never been to New York, and it will be my first time staying with a host family. There are lots of super speedy girls competing (Deena Kastor!!!) and I am honored to race with them. It should be a blast! My strategy is to stay relaxed and run my bootie off!!

I did a long run today on the B-line (My favorite!) Coach John, Ricardo, and Tere had a time trial for their upcoming marathons and they all killed it! I am so excited for all of them. John and Tere will be running Twin Cities so I will be there to see them finish since I am running the USA 10 mile championships the same day. After putting in lots of work, this will be Tere’s first marathon and she is going for that sub 2:46!!!

Here is a pic from this morning!


Like usual, my super supportive husband was there to leap-frog us in the Cube and hand us water. He is the best. *sigh*