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At the Hotel Del with my ice cream! I haven't had ice cream since Boston in April! Yum!

Scripps Old Pros 10k Race Report

So, I ran my first 10k on the Fourth of July. Honestly, I was terrified. I was trying to play it cool and stay relaxed but I was pretty nervous. I knew that this race would wrap up my 5k and 10k summer training and I wanted to run really well so that my confidence would be up as I began training for the Chicago Marathon. MWC wanted me to run this race as there is usually a good showing of super fast females. It would be good practice for me to race with them. My goal was a 36:30ish. I predicted a 36:33 (see post below) 🙂 I would have been super happy with that.

I woke up race morning and had my coffee, ultrafuel, and a banana cut up with honey on top. We drove to Lake Miramar, picked up our bibs and timing chips, (ok, don’t know why they have these. The only timing mat was at the finish, so it was basically  a gun-timed event.)  I did 3 miles to warm up with some strides. I lined up and was about 3 rows back. A bunch of fast looking fellas came up and I was not about to be in their way.

The gun went off and by mile 1 I was the 7th female.  I was feeling good and hit my first mile at  5:51 per Garmin. The guy calling splits at mile 1 said 5:54- Yikes! Stupid gun-time! I knew I had to make up a few seconds. Mile 2 I hit at 5:45. The hardest part of the race for me was between mile 2-4. I didn’t feel horrible, it was just hard. Mile 3 was 5:50, Mile 4 was 5:54. Mile 5 turned up to be a 5:52, Mile 6 a 5:38 (awesome downhill finish!) .2 at a 5:28 pace.  My official time was 35:52!! A 5:48 avg pace!

My results on video- they originally had me at 35:50- a 5:47 pace, I don’t know what happened to add 2 seconds…hmmm… Oh well, I will for sure take it! 🙂


During the last 2 miles, I passed 2 gals and ended up being 5th female, 4th in my age group. I really wanted to make top 5 and I did. I am so happy with how I ran at this race.  It shows me that I could probably pick it up a bit in my 5ks! A little investigating and I found that the girls that finished in front of me have stellar marathon times i.e. 2:40-2:48. So I felt honored to be in such good company!

Finishing video- OK, I look real gnarly here, but its the humidity, I swear!! 🙂


The weather was perfect, the course was gorgeous, the Old Pros run a fantastic race, and next year I am staying for the beer garden! I HIGHLY recommend this race. It was just wonderful!

Line for the beer garden..they had to start kicking the Old Pros out! lol!!


My sis also ran with Matt! She did SO awesome, a 7:12 average pace!!


The rest of the trip we hung out at the dog beach, hiked Point Loma, and I enjoyed my last few days of eating unhealthy food (Mazara Pizza, Fish tacos!! yum!) and drinking good California beer and wine!

At Tent City with my Coronado Orange Ale

Now we are back in the heat. BOOOOO!!!! Here is what I have coming up!

July 17th- ARR Summer Series #4 5k– Always a SCORCHER!!

August 8th- ARR Summer Series #5 5k- South Mountain

August 15th- America’s Finest City Half Marathon

In closing, anyone want to take a gander at the song choice for this post? 😉


  1. You guys look like you had so much fun! sorry I was not able to make it down to cheer you on this time, but someone has to work on Sundays =) Congrats on your time, you rocked it! Look forward to seeing you guys in August!

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