Mountain to Fountain 15k

With Susan 'The Legend' and Ruth post-race. Love these ladies!

With Susan ‘The Legend’ and Ruth post-race. Love these ladies!

After a win at the Phoenix Half Marathon last weekend, I was hoping to stay on a roll and go for the win at the Mountain to Fountain 15k this weekend. I knew I was fit, so after the Phoenix Half, I would need to focus on recovery if I wanted to race well at the 15k (9.3 miles). I stayed at my parents home in Cave Creek, Arizona for the week between races, and was able to get a lot of rest and healthy eating in. It was also great to run on soft trails and on the Phoenix canal in the dry air!  Below is  my training after the Phoenix Half and before the 15k.

With team mates and friends Tanaya and Christina

With team mates and friends Tanaya and Christina

Sat 2/28– Phoenix Half Marathon- 1st place 1:14:52 (Although I will not compete in the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials, this was my 4th Olympic Trials standard time for 2016)

Sun 3/1– 12 miles

Mon– 10 miles- (was supposed to run 5 at night but the storms blew in. I certainly don’t mind running in wind and rain, but not in lightening) Moved my 5 miles to Tuesday.

Tues- 5 miles AM, 10 miles PM

Weds- 8 miles AM w/ 8×400 in 70-72 w/ 400 jog. Felt pretty tired. 5 miles PM

Thurs- 12 miles

Fri- 6 miles AM, was supposed to run 6 PM but I was so drained. Did some extra foam rolling, stretching, and epsom salt bath.

Sat- 8 miles AM w/ strides

Sun- 15 miles w/ 15k race- Garmin Data Here.

Pre-race: Wake up 4:30am-10 min shakeout out of bed, Coffee, 5:15am left Cave Creek, 1 packet Tropical Orange GenUCAN with some electrolyte mix. Warm-up 7:15 + 100mg caffeine pill. 8:00am race start.

Race Results

Total Weekly Miles (Mon-Sun)- 79


The Mountain to Fountain 15k is an awesome race! You should definitely come out to Arizona to run it and win some beer! The race start was a little warm for my preference, but for a 15k it was fine. The first 5k is mostly downhill except for the half mile uphill at the start. I ran the first 5k in 16:45. The next 5k has rolling hills. I hit the 10k in 34:43. The last 5k is the tough part. There is a mile of steep uphill and this year was the slowest I have ever run that mile…6:20!!! I think those fast beginning miles may have contributed to that. I feel like I am strong on hills but I was riding the pain train…very slowly. The ending of the race was different this year due to construction so you got a nice half mile downhill to the finish which I loved. I hope that the course stays this way.


I came away with 2nd place in a 4 second PR of 53:02 (5:42 per mile). Mountain to Fountain also offers great elite prize money so it makes the suffer-fest well worth it! 🙂 I felt like I went for it hard in the beginning and paid for it on the uphill, but it’s a race and anything can happen! I am pretty happy I was able to run fairly well racing 2 weekends in a row. I am trying to remember to race ‘big’ as PR’s and fast times live beyond my comfort zone. One of my mantras this race was to ‘be brave 5 minutes longer’



Dad ran the 5k race in a near PR time!

Dad ran the 5k race in a near PR time!

No recipes this week as my parents dished up some excellent meals all week!

Next up…… I AM RACING A ROAD MILE ON SUNDAY AND I AM SO NERVOUS!! I have raced the mile only once before and that was 5 years ago in 5:20. Coach John and I feel like I can break 5:00 based on my workouts. I am more nervous for this than a marathon, ha! It is going to hurt so badly. I am racing the Encinitas Road Mile.

Run Happy!

Love these 3!

Love these 3!


  1. I’m continuously amazed by your accomplishments ! I remember following you on Dailymile
    and watching you go up to the elite level . The hard work’s paid off and you’re such a true
    inspiration . Keep rocking those miles !

  2. Congrats on your second place! I was thinking of you and sending good vibes from behind as I ran the race Sunday. Man, I’ll never understand how you elites can put those kind of miles on your body. I’d be injured so fast on one week of your milage. On your taper week haha! I wish I could do it but I’ll just have to keep living vicariously through you. Keep up the hard work girl! I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear how the mile race goes.

  3. I will write in different language, o.k.? :))
    Man ir patiess prieks par taviem pan?kumiem, Ariana. Lai Dievi?š st?v kl?t ar? turpm?k!
    Ar? es skrienu. Un kopš vakardienas ar Silverstone Half Marathon p?c triju gadu p?rtraukuma atgriežos.
    Sveicieni no Zieme?vidzemes!

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