My Favorite Things

Here is a little list of things that I love and reccomend.

Brooks Ravenna’s. I alternate wearing them with the Ghost and Launch, but the Ravennas have been my go-to shoe for years now. I love them. *sigh*

Brooks Utopia Thermal

I own four of these tops because they are so warm and cozy. Good on a run and you can pair them with jeans! Super cute. After all, cute is what is really important.

I love me some Perfect Foods Bars. I eat one every day after my run. They are all natural and so good for you. Not only do I love the bars, but I love the small family owned and operated company.  Check out their site and read their story! You can also find them at Whole Foods in the refrigerated area! FYI- they are all really good, but Carob Chip is the bomb-diggity.



Sweaty Bands

I am specifically hoping to find the one above in my stocking this year! I love wearing them. I like to *sometimes* still be girly and dress up my running clothes a bit. Since the majority of my day is spent in running clothes, these add some *sparkle*.  And they really stay on my head!


I am the first to admit it this a little new-agey, but it works! I have been using if for 4 years now and during marathon training, it really helps my aching muscles. *Beware* It does have a pretty strong minty smell. Just ask my team mates who carpool with me…

Peanut Butter and Co and Bob’s Red Mill


Peanut Butter & Co. and Bob’s Red Mill Assortment #2

I want this for Christmas so badly! I love Oatmeal and I love Peanut Butter- especially MAPLE!!! And it comes with a special OATMEAL BOWL! Perfect Gift, hands down.

Gu Roctane Brew


Tropical Fruit

This is my favorite drink for long runs. It has worked so well for me and I am really hopeful that I have found something that will give me adequate energy and caffeine without upsetting my stomach during a marathon. Yay GU!

Erica Sara Designs 

Sterling Silver on Navy strap, Harrington font

Her stuff is so great. I love jewelry with inspirational sayings on them and I am in love with her “Say It, Do It” bracelet.

There you have it! Some great gift ideas for the runner in your life, or for me, whatever. 😉  I hope you all are finding peace this holiday season. XO


  1. I also love Erica Sara’s jewelry and have the Say It, Do It bracelet – it’s awesome! I still need to try Perfect Bars – maybe I’ll stop by Whole Foods on my way home from work tonight to buy a few 🙂

    • I know! Her stuff is so cute, I actually discovered her through you, so thank you! You will not be disappointed with the bars, I promise.

  2. I love all these things too! I have never seen that peanut butter co and bobs combo situation with a bowl and I always get the cinnamon raisin or chocolate…but maple?!?! I am very excited about all of this haha. The new layout for your blog is great…Looking forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing your favorites 🙂

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