My New Life As A Carnivore

So I have been feeling my usual fatigue during training, nothing out of the ordinary, just the feeling of running 80+ mile weeks and spending the weekdays with my 28 kiddos. My racing has been…I will put it mildly…flat.  Seriously, I thought I was becoming a washed up runner. (Not dramatic at all) I felt like my training was going well, but for some reason I couldn’t pull it together for races. Coach John and my friend Don suggested I get some blood work done to make sure everything was ok. I had blood work done in June, but my doctor told me everything was ‘normal’. After reading lots of great research (Thanks Don!) I am thinking that my flat racing is not in my head.  My levels in June were on the low side for a ‘normal’ person. For example, my Ferritin level was at a 26, the research I have read suggests female distance runners to be at 60-80! I am very interested to see what my levels are at now. I should get my results in a few days.  I am hoping that this is my issue as it can be solved. It may take awhile, but I can start being more proactive about iron levels. I began taking Floridix and have been eating lots of red meat in the last few weeks. I am  going from having red meat *Maybe* once a month in the last two years to two-three times a week. I read somewhere that Deena Kastor’s coach had said he has never seen anyone eat as much red meat as she does…and if its good enough for Deena than I am all over it! 🙂

My week in training 4/25-5/1-88 miles total

M- 8 miles w/ strides a.m 7:22 avg, quads still sore from South Mountain, still recovering from cold.

T- 5 miles a.m. 7:27 avg, still feeling crummy, 14 miles pm w/ continuous miles 5:45, 6:30, 5:46, 6:30, 5:44,  then 4x300m w/ 500m jog (was windy out so this was revised from 6 x 400 @ 78)

W- 6 miles recovery 7:37avg a.m. Swim  30 minutes p.m.

R- Back/core a.m., 15 miles p.m. w/ 5 x 56th street hill loop 7:09 avg.

F- 6 miles recovery a.m. 7:43 pace, 6 miles p.m. 7:09 avg.

Sat- 8 miles w/ 8 x 100m strides 7:07 avg- wanted to get a swim in, but had to got to work..busy, busy!

Sun- 20 miles 6:31 avg pace! EPIC RUN- Felt SO great. Ricardo ran 16 miles of this with me which really helped. The workout was 20 miles w/ miles 5-10 @ 6:20 pace and 15-20 @ 6:15 pace. We were movin’ the entire time, we just felt good!  Miles 5-10 were 6:12, 6:14, 6:14, 6:08, 6:13. Miles 15-20 were 6:07, 6:10, 6:12, 6:08, 6:09. I really needed that confidence booster before the 25k!

I am starting to feel better, things are looking up!