My Week 5/2-5/8

A parent made this for me, 6 days 'til race day!!! WOOHOOO!

First off, a shout out to the best Mom in the world! I think she may be my only regular blog reader! haha! I love you Mom!

Marisa, Mom, and Me, Christmas 2010

So, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks! I have been trying to get some core stuff in at home, but I have been completely swamped with end of the year stuff for school, so it doesn’t look like I will be back to the gym until after Grandma’s on June 18th. That’s ok, I have been feeling good, and although I am not as toned as I would like to be, all of my energy is going towards running, and I have been having some great ones!

I am still doing my Lunge Matrix and Cannonball Cooldown everyday. The first 2 miles of my M,T,W, and F runs are all very easy runs with the elusive Tank.

M- 10 recovery  a.m. 7:33 avg

T- 5 easy a.m. 7:38 avg,  track 10 miles p.m. with 20 x 400m on 2:00, so I ran them all at around 83 seconds,  that gave me 37 seconds to recover before the next. I felt so strong and so great! My last 3 were 79, 77, and 74. Great workout!

W- 10 recovery a.m. w/ 8 x 100m strides. 7:26 avg.

R- 12 miles a.m. w/ 4 x 56th street hill loop. 6:50 avg. Felt really good. I pushed at the end to get close to 6 minute miles running back to the car. I was tired at the end, but felt good about the run. 5 miles “recovery” p.m. with Donovan. Not really a recovery as we ran a 7:07 pace.

F- True Recovery! 8 miles a.m. 7:40 pace. Massage p.m.

Sat- 10 miles easy w/ T-Low 8x100m strides, 7:27 avg. I was SO tired from the long week and the BBQ we went to on Friday night. Probably the hardest run all week as I was just exhausted.

Sun- 16 miles w/ last 6 miles sub 6:00 pace. Ran with Christina, we had a great clip going! We avg. a 6:34 pace for the 16 miles. My last  6 miles were 5:58, 5:55, 5:52, 6:02, 6:02, 5:52. Practiced my mantras for the race on Saturday. It was tough, but I feel more confident going in to the 25k.

I am in love with these new beauties! I plan on wearing them for the 25k as a tester to see if they are enough shoe for me to wear to Grandmas. I wore them to track and they felt SO AWESOME!!! They are the Brooks T7 Racer.

I am still waiting for my blood test results to arrive. Hopefully soon…

I also had the BEST Teacher Appreciation week ever! The kids and parents in my class completely spoiled me. Starbucks every day, lunches, giftcards, the sweetest, most thoughtful presents, flowers, and each child even brought in Gluten Free treats for me! I have boxes of G-free cookies, cupcakes, and snacks! This class is so amazing and I am glad to have had the perfect class for my last year of teaching!


  1. young lady! tone = made up word invented by the fitness community. you either build more muscle fibers reduce body fat and get stronger or you don’t.

  2. Non-sense, Ari…I still read it :)! LOVE Brooks and the new T7 flats. On another note, I am with you….I am really bad about my iron intake as I rarely eat red meat so it has been something I am working on too. Darn eating plans…always a work in progress! Your recovey pace is much faster these days, YAY! Keep it up, Ari!

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