NEXT UP: Run for Ryan House Half Marathon…And other jumbled thoughts.

Picture I recieved from Jon, during Lost Dutchman. He was out there snapping pics! Thanks Jon!

So I am very excited to run the 1/2 marathon this Saturday at DC Ranch for the Run For Ryan House 1/2 Marathon. It is for a great cause read about it here! The course should be…hmm…interesting? It is 6.5 miles up, and 6.5 miles down. This should be *fun*! Check out the elevation chart, holy smoke!  The best part of all is that there is scheduled to be some VERY fast women at this event. (Including Terri!) I have been having some stomach trouble in the past few days, I think I am going to attribute it to the green drink I have been having. I am not going to give the brand, because I love this place, but I think the green drink is not so good for me! I am hoping that with my pre-race 3 day ritual of no dairy, excessive fruit, all-rice diet, my stomach will calm down.

Anyways, my goal for this event is to run maybe a bit faster than my 1:22:47 at Lost Dutchman on 2/14. I like hills, and I feel pretty strong on the uphills and downhills (weeeee!!!!) so I will be very happy with a 1:22:xx. However, I would be even happier with better than that but I know I need to be patient! I have been getting more rest this week as I didn’t have any doubles. I skipped the gym and I did my running in the afternoons which allowed me to sleep in until 5:30. (wild, I know)

In other news, *drumroll please* I have NEW RACE SHOES!!!! I am sure you have been waiting all day for that tidbit of information. I am wearing the Brooks ST 4. The BEST part of all…..SPARKLEY LACES!!! They even match my bright, bright Brooks race outfit! I plan on wearing them a few more times before Saturday to get to know them better. They felt super light at track last night, like ballet slippers! I think we will have a fine racing date on Saturday.

This week I have had a nice and easy cutback week. The nice part about racing is that track workouts are not as hard as usual. Coach John Reich (MWC! By the way, you should athlink him, he is so unbelievably fast.) gave me 10 miles with 4 miles of cutdowns. I only have 69 miles this week, then I will start climbing again, 86, 90, 80… as I get into my last big push weeks before Boston.

John has also given me my goal time for Boston, but I will save that until we get a little closer and as my confidence grows a bit more!

Even though I had a cutback week, I am still super hungry. I am a stress eater though. I weighed in at 114 today, so it will be interesting to see if there is any affect on my race this weekend.

One last thing, the 2012 marathon trials will be in HOUSTON on Jan 14th of 2012.  It was just announced on Monday.  I read that it will probably be a 5 mile loop course.  Both the men’s and women’s trials will be held the same day. I was hoping for New York, as I have never been there, but Houston should be nice and flat and warm (er).  So I am excited. Now I just need to run a 2:46 marathon so I can go! Details, details.

Off to make my Mark’s famous blueberry tea!


  1. I still can’t believe how fast you are!! you will do amazing this weekend and I’m cheering you on 🙂 I just got that book racing weight and have started to read it as i try to increase my calories by healthy foods. I don’t know if you mind me asking but what foods do you like to eat when training or what is a sample eating day for you? I hope you have a great rest of the week and your stomach gets better!

  2. Thanks Ashley! A sample day of in-training eating for me is:
    coffee pre-run 4:30am
    B- 2 packets instant oatmeal @ school, coffee
    S- smoothie with yogurt, fruit, flax oil, rice protein
    L-PB & J, yogurt, banana
    S- Dried fruit, nuts, FRS w/ G2gatorade
    D- anything from salad and bread, pasta, chicken & quinoa or rice

    And of course, I tend to sneak bad stuff in there which I am really trying to break!!! Post-run I usually have a choc. milk with whey protein powder. Not the healthiest stuff I am eating, but it is easy enough for me at school. 🙂

  3. Great plan Ariana! Can’t wait to hear about the 1/2 – Just another stepping stone on the way to your 2:46, but that is a small detail!

    Also, Love the new kicks! No one is going to miss you out there flying by in those bright shoes!

    Best of luck on Saturday!

  4. The race is today?! Can’t wait to hear how you do!! You are by far the fastest person I know…male or female!! Well, virtually know I guess!! Flax oil in our smoothie?? I love flax oil & smoothies, I will have to give that a try!

  5. My friend lives near Houston and I’m soooo jealous. Do they sell tickets to the trials? She really wants to go. You rock and I’m cheering you on!!!

  6. This is a really great action shot of you. Look how ripped and lean you are! Quite impressive.

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