Marisa, Matt, Me, Lukas after the Carlsbad 5000


Wow, last year at this time, I was going through one helluva time. I wasn’t racing well and my run log was filled with ‘blah’ runs. I had a hard time hitting workouts from January until May. All of my races until the 25k Championships in mid-May were awful! Today, I was reading my old blog posts from that time and I sure was a downer.

JT, Jeff and I, Go Bandidos!

Reading my current run log, I am feeling so blessed to feel so good! My energy has been up, I have been hitting most of my workouts…and they are SO much faster than last year! I remember last year, being in awe of girls running the splits and times that I am running now. It is amazing how if you just stick with it through the rough patches, great things will happen!

It is hard mentally to not perform well. I have shed many a tear going through this process, mostly out of frustration. I feel that staying relaxed, getting all of my vitamins, and eating mostly whole foods have really helped. I am very lucky to not have a stressful job, but I know how hard it is. When I was teaching, I sacrificed a lot of sleep to get 10-12 milers in before 7am so I have been there and can relate!

I guess the point of this is that the tides will always turn. Put the work in. Stick with it, and don’t give up on yourself or your goals when the going gets tough.

Start of the race

I finally broke 17:00 in the 5k on April 1 at the Carlsbad 5000. I surged right after mile 1 and took the lead. I was alone the rest of the race, so it was a little rough fighting the wind. but I did it! I feel like I can run faster in a good, competitive, pack. I am looking forward to racing a 5k again…dare I say I may even enjoy it! I ran 16:59, so I barely made it, but I am pretty confident that I can run faster.

My first time ever breaking a tape!!! So fun!

This past weekend I ran the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon. They were very generous and flew me out to the race and put me up at the host hotel, so I am very thankful to have the experience. I went in thinking I could make a good go at running under 1:15 or at least 1:15:xx. The course was challenging, you have to run it smart. The first 2.5 miles are a severe downhill, but you have to end the race going up that same hill. Holy cats! There was some talk about taking the hill out for next year, but I hope they leave it in. It was challenging and set the course apart from others. If they could find some way to do without the headwind though…that would be great.


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I ran in a pack with 3 other girls until mile 10.5. I lead for awhile, and looking back now, I should have just tucked in and not pushed the pace. I wanted to win and was just wanting to go for it, but boy did that bite me in the @$$! But, that was a good learning experience for me. The gal that tucked in for most of the beginning parts of the race won! Our pack disintegrated at the beginning of the hill and we became very strung out. I honestly felt like I was barely moving, the headwind was so strong! I passed a few men, and I didn’t get passed at all, so that was good! I was trying to reel in Jane Kibii as much as I could and just couldn’t catch her. She finished 6 seconds ahead of me and I was 3rd in 1:17:03. Not a PR, but I am happy with how great I felt running a 5:42 avg pace until we hit the hill! I foresee a big PR in the half marathon coming up at the OC Half on May 6th! The Hollywood Half has some organization stuff to work on, but I feel like once they do that, the race will shine. It was a good course, and I love the 6am start time. I would definitely come back to race this….once my quads stop hurting. 🙂 results

After 2 weekends of racing and mileage in the 80’s, I am back to 102 this week and will climb from there. I am really looking forward to running the OC half and then….Grandmas!


  1. Thank you for the lesson on patience. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to hear how amazing Grandmas goes for you!

  2. Very nice post!! I’m glad to see you are getting your supplements in, they go a long way in performance. I also like that you are still grounded and remember those days when you had to get up early to get in those 10-12 milers then hit the job. That is the boat I’m in but your words make me realize that if I stay the course I’m going to hit my peak which I know I still have not reached. The last portion of the Hollywood Half sounds like the last 2.5 miles of my debut marathon. I read that you start on a bridge and finish on that same uphill bridge ack!!! Who comes up with these course designs … someone with a sick sense of humor ha!! Happy to hear your running is going well and it looks to only get better especially as you team up with Hanson’s in the near future!!
    Run Happy!! 🙂

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