Personal Victory! WOOHOOO!!!!


So, I didn’t meet my goal today of breaking one hour in the 10 miler. I ran a 1:01:55 knocking  90+ seconds off from last years’ time.  I came in second place overall. THIS is why I am SO happy:

1. Got to race with my Bandido Gals!! They were smokin’ today! We came in 2,3,4, and 5!!

Kerry, me, Alanna, Tere- Bandidos!

2. My dear friends Ter, Mark, and Hepper came out to cheer me on!

Me, T-Low, Big Mark, Hepper

2. I had NO, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH stomach problems!! Not even after the race-which is almost always guaranteed! I ate a big lunch of chicken, rice, and potatoes yesterday. Last night for dinner I had just a small amount of rice and potatoes at around 6:30pm and that was it for the night.  This morning, I had water and a Hammer espresso gel before the race. That’s it!  ***MEN PROCEED WITH CAUTION*** My *ahem* monthly friend arrived today and gals, you know what a number that does on your stomach, so I was super nervous about that, but everything was fine, my stomach felt SO good. Now, I know this is just one race and I will keep practicing, but you have NO idea what a relief this is for me! I may have finally found something that works for me! YAY!!!!!

Getting my run on.

3. I practiced my mantras during the race. Honestly, I was working hard. I really wanted to stop after the first 5 mile lap. I really concentrated on NOT dis-associating and just focusing on the run and my body. My splits stink but I think I am getting better at quieting that “get me out of here, this totally sucks” feeling.

4. I PR’d after no taper, but rather on building miles with a 70 mile week. Last year when I ran a 1:03:xx I only ran 45 miles that week. So I think that shows great progress!

Finally done!

5. My teacher friends Anna and Jill ran their first 10 mile races and did SO well! I think they finished at about the same time too! I also saw 2 of my students that I taught 4 years ago in first grade. I have to say one of the coolest things about teaching is seeing your kiddos grown up. Anna and Ellie were and are such awesome girls. *love*

Yay! We are done!

6. We went to eat at Nourish! A gluten free restaurant. SO GOOD!! I had a gluten free blueberry waffle that was to die for, organic coffee, and a sweet potato/avocado salad. Don, you would LOVE this place!!

7. Matt and I had a noodle day! We wore our new PJ’s courtesy of Old Navy, made chili, I worked on school work, had hot soy chocolate  and plan on doing some reading. FUN!

Now back to training. I have 81 miles this week and feel invigorated after today. I feel confident and my body feels good. Gosh, I just love running and life is so good!

This woman walks so many races here in the valley. Could there be a cuter athlete? I didn't think so. What an inspiration!


  1. What great day for you! I am so thrilled about your results and some of the solutions you’ve found with hammer products! I’ve been a fan for a while, great endurance stuff for my super long cycling workouts. Hope you had a fabulous day reading and hanging with the hubby!

  2. Glad to see the result, Ariana, as well as having the chance to check in on your training. Glad things are going well, and you look stronger than ever. Best of luck as your training continues to proceed.

  3. Great job and amazing time…again! I’m so glad you have figured out what helps your stomach and hope it continues to help. It makes me feel better to hear what you are doing, too because I have found the same thing works for me but didn’t know if it was bad that I didn’t eat a real breakfast (liquid calories!) and have learned to eat a small dinner the night before when I usually eat a large dinner on a normal night. Your “noodle day” sounds amazing. My husband and I need one of those!!

  4. GO ARIANA!!!!! I am so glad things are sooo much better for you now and you are back on a roll.

  5. Ariana – I can’t tell you how happy reading about your race today made me. I haven’t stopped smiling since the first sentence. Congratulations on a fantastic race – but even more on your feeling fantastic afterwards.

    I think this is just what the Doctor ordered – you are back on track my dear – wonderful job out there today! Enjoy the week and have a great Thanksgiving.

    Best from Austin, J

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