Christa Brelsford, the young woman who was doing mission work in Haiti and was there during the earthquake is a close friend to our buddy Bradford, and was with many of our running group the night before the Tucson marathon at dinner. She was injured in the quake but remains in good spirits- what an amazing and inspiring woman. I know this is just a running blog, but I can’t help but feel a little helpless, this disaster is just so unbelievable. Times like these make running seem so unimportant.

Terri and I were thinking of something we could do as we run this Sunday in honor of Christa. We were thinking of possibly a care package for her…need to get some ideas together.

Right now all of our prayers are with Christa, her family, and all those affected by the earthquake.

When my friend Mark emailed all of us this morning, he made such a good point. “As I head out for my run this morning on very tired legs, I’ll be grateful to be out there anyway.” Never take anything for granted, always be thankful and appreciative of your health and safety.

Read the story here.

Runningly Yours,

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  1. I've been watching the stories on the news about Haiti and can't believe it. So much pain and sorrow for those people. I actually saw an american interviewed the other night who was a marathoner. They had to amputate her leg. So sad. Thats so cool that you are dedicating your run.

    So where it your race report?! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Oh and I want to see the Deanna and Ryan pics too! Did you see them at the start line too?

    Oh and yes I am doing the Lost Dutchman half! Are you?

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